Académico de Postgrado de Geriatría y Gerontología, Universidad de Costa . Los métodos y enfoques clínicos que se recomiendan en este manual están. Manual de Geriatría y Gerontología – para alumnos- paginas/udas/. Manual de geriatría y gerontología(Book) 2 editions published in Ensenanza de la geriatria en la escuela de medicina by Pedro Paulo Marín L.() 2 editions.

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The mean age was Muscle weakness and physical inactivity were most striking in the development of frailty, which was associated with worse QOL and FC, despite most seniors be independent.

Marín L., Pedro Paulo (Marín Larraín)

There were no differences between subjects geriatriia or younger than 75 years old. Among the phenotype criteria, slowness of gait is the factor that most affects the physical component of QOL, while fatigue most influences the emotional component. The highest criteria of phenotype were muscle weakness and physical inactivity. The binomial test was used to verify age and comorbidities between the groups. Quality of life of elderly persons treated at the HUJBB geriatric outpatient clinic by frailty group.

It is believed that in this way the data becomes more reliable.

Rev Bras Fisioter ;13 5: In fact, either situation can occur, depending on the context and the life history of the elderly. Daily life activities showed that help was required for sphincter control in 46 per cent of patients, for feeding in 44 per cent and for mobilization in 64 per cent 28 per cent of patients required help from two or more people. Biopsychosocial characteristics were recorded and the Tinetti gait and balance test was performed in all patients reporting falls.

Rev Bras Geriatr Gerontol [Internet] [acesso em 20 jun. The results of the present study support the conclusion that elderly persons can remain independent, even when already at risk of developing frailty, or when already considered frail, as only three of elderly persons here presented minimal dependence.

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Furthermore, it is an event whose effects extend beyond the elderly themselves, placing a burden on relatives and caregivers, and resulting in high health service costs. Caidas en los ancianos: In terms of degree of frailty, The elderly persons in the FR group had lower scores than those of the other scores Figure 2. Qualidade de vida do idoso: Rev Bras Geriatr Gerontol ;14 4: Although the presence of comorbidities not mean frailty, it may indicate higher chances for the development of the syndrome by altering the health status of the elderly mabual.


Qualidade de georntologia e fatores associados em idosos dependentes em uma cidade do interior do Nordeste. However, in the above study 9 the average age was higher and caregiver reports were considered, which may have influenced the results and caused them to differ from the present findings.

Muscle strength was measured by grip strength of the dominant hand measured with Saehan TM brand equipment, with which three measures were taken and the arithmetic average used, with a cut-off point adjusted for body mass index BMI and gender.

Despite the practicality of assessing the nutritional status of the elderly, the effectiveness of this item is compromised in cases of overweight frail elderly individuals, which may explain this result. The international physical activity questionnaire: Validity of the center for epidemiological studies: Power M, Schmidt S. Fifty seven percent of falls occurred outside of home, and an extrinsic factor was a precipitating cause in 55 percent of the falls.

World Health Organization; [acesso 22 ago.

Manual De Geriatria Y Gerontologia Puc Pdf Reader

The mean age of the patients with falls was Frailty and its impact on health- related quality of life: The mean age of the three groups was similar. Compared to other Brazilian studies, the degree of frailty was relatively high among the elderly population studied. Cross-sectional, descriptive and analytical study.

The domains with the highest score in the evaluation of QOL were intimacy and death and dying. Evaluation of frailty, functional capacity and quality of life of the elderly in geriatric outpatient clinic of a university hospital.

Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais; Nevertheless, it is important to note that advanced activities of daily living AADLswhich were not analyzed in this study, are impaired earliest in life, followed by instrumental activities IADL and, lastly, basic activities of daily living BADL 26 and that the FIM scale used here places greater emphasis on BADL and some IADLs, which in this case are related to getting around and climbing stairs.


The Kruskal-Wallis nonparametric analysis of variance test was used to compare the groups for gender, FC, perception of health and history of falls. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License. Braz J Phys Ther ;17 4: On the other hand, the lowest score was associated with social participationsimilar to the findings of Torres et al.

Dimensions and correlates of quality of life according to frailty status: Gerontoloia y cuidado de la salud bucal by Vicente Aranguiz Freyhofer 1 grontologia published in in Spanish and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide. The study consisted of a sample of elderly persons with a mean age of Korean J Fam Med ;32 4: Conclusion Muscle weakness and physical inactivity were most striking in the development of frailty, which was associated with worse QOL and FC, despite most seniors be independent.

Among case mix classifications, the best for hospitalized elders is the Resource Utilization Groups RUG system, which allows a better location of patients, resource administration and the design of health care strategies for elderly people. Number of comorbidities reported by elderly persons treated at the geriatric outpatient clinic of HUJBB, egriatria according to degree of frailty.

An observational, cross-sectional, descriptive and analytical study was performed. Numerous studies of frailty have argued that women are more susceptible to the development of comorbidities and frailty itself.

Original Articles Evaluation of frailty, functional capacity and quality of life of the elderly in geriatric outpatient clinic of a university hospital.