, English, German, Book edition: Lohengrin: the libretto / Richard The Swan knight in Wagner’s Lohengrin: myth, history and symbolism /​ Malcolm Fox. Lohengrin, WWV 75, is a Romantic opera in three acts composed and written by Richard . 3 flutes (3rd doubles piccolo), 3 oboes, english horn, 3 clarinets in B- flat, A and C, bass clarinet in B-flat and A, .. Wagner’s libretto (in German) · Further Lohengrin discography · Recording of “Euch Lüften” by Lotte Lehmann in MP3. Lohengrin: Libretto, German and English Text, by Richard Wagner (Paperback). Price: $ Image 1. Larger / More Photos. Add to Wish List. ADD TO CART.

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In diist’rem Schweigen richtet Gott. O bless Thy true knight! Oh, had but death o’ertaken me, I had my honour saved; But thus, as miscreant to arraign me, My sword, dnglish name disgraced!

Lohengrin: Synopsis – Opera Libretti

Reach us your hand! Mein lieber Konig, lass dich bitten, Noch einen Ruf an meinen Ritter! By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Ye valiant hearts, tho’ doubt and danger try me, Ye ne’er shall rue the trust this hour hath shown.

In Jammer sah ich sie vor dieser Pforte, aus ihrer Not nahm ich sie bei mir auf: Welcome to Naxos Records.

Lohengrin: Libretto, German and English Text, by Richard Wagner (Paperback)

Then I shall meet my hero-guide, In face of Heav’n to be his bride! With God for the honour of the German Empire! Elsa and her women in the foreground with the King. But I could avenge my shame, I could prove my honesty? Destroy the vile delusions of libreyto apostate! He moves slyghtly closer to Elsa Speak then, Elsa of Brabant: By the chain that I wrapped around him I lihretto recognised this swan: She comes with blushes glowing, On holy thoughts intent!


Gltihende Morgenrothe ; der Tag bricht voll an. The Grail will be wroth if I stay longer!

The swan I the swan! Bear – ing a eenglish of deep mysterious joy I And would’ st thou know from whence this engljsh ture show – ers, Ask not. ORTRUD Let me warn you not to put too blind a trust in your happiness; lest you are ensnared by misfortune, let me look into the future for you.

To stainless knight give strength and might, With craven heart the false one smite, Now, Lord, make known thy just decree, Protect the right we trust in Thee!

Welcome to Naxos Records

I know not what magic brought you here, stranger who stands so bold before me, but your arrogant threats will never stir me, for I am not wont to lie. Dollar Collections of Piano Music.

I can fend off the doubts of the wickend, never shall innocence succumb to them!

Be calm and reasonable! O wie so hold berauschen sie den Sinn! Was muss ich sehen? Keep away from the ljbretto ring, for if anyone disrespects the law of peace, if freeman, he shall pay with his hand, if serf, he shall pay with his head!

Go back across the waters to whence your boat brought lohengrim, return again only to bring us happiness! While the people are surging about joyously, four nobles,former adherents of Frederick, together move to the front 3RD NOBLE You hear, he will lead us away from our land!

LohengrinWWV 75, is a Romantic opera in three acts composed and written by Richard Wagnerfirst performed in Jewel of youth, proceed! If this most wretched of women expiates her great sin enlgish misery, let not your gracious presence flee her!


War ich es, die dir Leid gebracht? Elsa kneels and prays that God may send her champion to her. Now, alas, I must be parted from you!

Now, alas, I must be parted from you! All gaze at it uneasily and questioningly. In fernster Mark hiesst Weib und Kind ihr beten: Telramund’s corpse is brought in. If you bore me hate, I forgive you; for what through me you have already suffered I beg you to forgive me too.

Now mark well whether I need shun the daylight: General astonishment; the crowd stirs ELSA Woe, did I let myself be led astray by your hypocrisy, you who stole to me moaning emglish the night? Macht Platz fur Elsa, uns’re Fran: What will englsh Heaver’s decree? Elsa comes forward, then the Knight. You must never ask me or be at pains to discover from whence I journeyed here, nor what is my name and lineage!

Nor will he lose the awful charm it blendeth, Although he should be called to distant lands, When the high cause of virtue he defendeth: MEN pressing towards Lohengrin We stand with you, never shall we regret that we recognised you to be a true hero! In fernster Mark hiess’t Weib und Kind ihr beten: The first Chicago performance of the opera took ejglish at the Auditorium Building now part of Roosevelt University on 9 November By perils dread the holy Grail is girded, No eye rash or profane its light may see ; Its champion knight from doubtings shall be warded, If known to man, he must depart and flee.