This work is likely not in the public domain in the US (due to first publication with the required notice after , plus renewal or “restoration” under the. Lehár’s 28th completed work for the stage, Paganini (), took fourteen months to compose, and typifies the last phase of the silver age of operetta. It is also. The title role in Paganini was the first that Lehár wrote expressly for Richard Tauber, although he had already sung in Zigeunerliebe and Frasquita some years.

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Otherwise there is little that reveals there is an audience present.

The men, however, are quite sceptical, wishing he’d go to the devil. She is in the Anneliese Rothenberger class, which is praise indeed. Paganini does not discourage either woman, and the Princess – on discovering this – takes revenge by having Paganini arrested.

Ulf Schirmer is a masterly operetta conductor and his choral and orchestral forces are also well versed in the idiom. Pimpinelli turns up his nose at the thought of the Princess having chosen an ordinary public house to dine. In spite of his indisputable love for Anna Elisa, Paganini still has eyes for other women, for example, Bella.

We use cookies to give you the best experience and allow you to apply for licences and place orders. No sooner as the way seems clear for Paganini, Impresario Bartucci excitedly proclaims that the Prince has issued orders forbidding Paganini’s Lucca concert.

A second meeting between Anna Elisa and Paganini is interrupted by several passers-by.

Overcome by his passion for playing cards, Paganini gambles away his priceless Stradivarius. The artists pagajini got together to play a card game call chances. At the same time, another unexpected guest appears – Paganini!

Paganini (Lehár, Franz) – IMSLP/Petrucci Music Library: Free Public Domain Sheet Music

Continue to use the site or find out more here. See what you will get. It should be considered by all operetta enthusiasts. However, she falls for his charms once again, allowing him to escape. The entire court is full of suspense and surround Pimpinelli, thinking he can shed a little light on what is going on. As the Princess is about to command the prima donna to leave the court, Bella shows her Paganini’s love song.


It is also one of the many biographical operettas that were popular in the first part of the twentieth century, in which historical figures became the central figures in theatrically bittersweet love affairs.

A knock at the door is heard: This second couple also sings a duet, a charming waltz, and then we reach leyar first act finale, almost a quarter-of-an-hour long. Paganini, accompanied by his impresario, Bartucci, visits the small Principality of Lucca, whereupon the townspeople are given a chance to hear his diabolically tempting violin playing.

He takes his leave of her, however, assuring her that “No other woman stand between us, but I must, nevertheless, go alone because I must remain alone. Paganini temporarily paganlni quarters in a village, on the way to perform at the court in Lucca. The finest we have had in years.

He is to be smuggled across the border by the gang at midnight. The setting is the smuggler’s tavern – The Rust Hobnail – where the smugglers gamble and drink their time and money away. The spoken dialogue is very clearly recorded but for those with no German or who are less than fluent a libretto with translations would have been welcome.

Herbert and Harry Dexter. She starts a frivolous song but Paganini immediately recognises her voice. One of the finest versions. Paganini is warned by Bella but ignores her words. Paganini is so vexed by this irrational decision that he begins packing his suitcase. No woman is safe in Pimpinelli’s presence and he yet again tries his luck with the lovely Bella – but without success.

One of the most enjoyable. The court gossip flowers – rumours concerning the Princess’ affair have even spread a far as Paris. Henry Raudales plays exquisitely with pinpoint double-stops. Then follows the most famous song in the operetta and one of the most famous in any operetta: Subscribe to our free weekly review listing sample Sample: Pimpinelli and Bella ask for lodging for the night.


Some items to consider Brahms Symphony 4 Dvorak Symphony 9. The operetta was recorded live at a concert and there is some applause. Tauber had a contract with the Berlin State Opera, which required him to be in Stockholm at the time of the Vienna premiere.

The old Electrola recording with Nicolai Gedda and Anneliese Rothenberger has recently been reissued for the umpteenth time and it will probably never be completely surpassed, but a cast of Kristiane Kaiser, Zoran Todorovich and the rest is a serious challenger. Anna Elisa has her entrance song, backed up by the chorus of villagers and then hears the violin playing and wonders who it is. You can also use this FreeFind but it is not so comprehensive.

Paganini appears, graciously throwing coins to the townspeople and praising his native country. Lehar, Franz – The winner, Pimpinelli, promises to return to him the violin if Paganini will confide his secret to conquering women. Now we are beginning to see a true operetta story. Sinfonie Concertanti for two flutes and orchestra.

Paganini (Lehár, Franz)

The women are all hypnotised by his playing. In a rage the Princess demands that these orders are nullified – she refuses to be separated from her lover. Prince Felice arrives with his huntsmen but an argument develops between the royal couple over Paganini’s cancelled concert.

Unfortunately, Tauber was unavailable for the Vienna premiere of Paganini, on October 30,but he was able to participate in the Berlin premiere of January 30, Pimpinelli promises to give it back if Paganini tells him how he charms the women.