Multi. pb01, Technic, Brick 1 x 2 with Hole and Yellow Arrows Pointing Down on Both Sides (Stickers) – Set (Common Combination of Parts – May Not. LEGO set database: Control Centre II. Set number: ; Name: Control Centre II; Set type: Normal; Theme group: Technical; Theme: Technic; Year. View LEGO instructions for TECHNIC Control II set number to help you build these LEGO sets.

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This is due to the fact that the yellow coupling attaches to the inner linkage one stud further from the rotation axis than it does to the outer linkage. They are controlled by a 4 way control pad on the right. The computer image shows the horizontal links in gray and lrgo vertical links in green. The first stage is actually two belts in parallel which drive an 8 tooth pinion gear. Click for an animation of the dinosaur tipping. The yellow link is the key to the whole thing.

The 3 motors are integrated such that they can hardly be noticed, and even the wiring tucks away and is bundled with a rare set of silicone helical loops seen in some of the photos levo white.

The arms and jaw are linked together so that they move in unison. The total gear reduction is 3: The total gear reduction is only 3: Pitch The pitch of the helicopter is motorized and controllable via the side to side motion of the control pad. Depression of the Control Center raises the helicopter.

The left and right side are degrees out of phase. The inner linkage is made mostly from gray beams and support the helicopter.


The red output is labeled “A-B” and is controlled by the two red buttons on the left with the same labels. Ttechnic Control Center has 3 color coded power outputs, each capable of driving a 9V motor. A worm gearbox in the stand allows the pitch rotation nose up and down about 40 degrees.

Lego Technic Control Center 8485 -rarit├Ąt-

Rotors Like virtually all Technic helicopters, the main and tail rotors rotate. Model by Benjamin Wendl Click for an animation of the dinosaur in motion.

Note the fact that the helicopter linkage moves a greater vertical distance than the Control Center linkage. Control Center Helicopter Dinosaur Boat.

The lower path drives into a 24 tooth spur and then a pair of 12 tooth bevel gears. Tail and Head The tail and head wag side to side using a motor in the back of the torso via a system of flexible cables. At this point the gear system splits into two parallel paths. The use of belts rather than gears allows the pulleys to slip rather than stall the motor if the resistance becomes too high. The red flex cable supports the weight of the head and remains fixed in position while the yellow cable performs the movements.

Image by Benjamin Wendl Click for an animation of the helicopter pitching.

LEGO TECHNIC Control II Instructions , Technic

One buttons drives one direction, and the other reverses polarity and drives the motor the other way. As can be seen in the computer image, tefhnic high speed motor drives through a silicone belt blue.

Items of the same color remain parallel throughout motion which keeps the Control Center parallel to the ground. The Control Center is actually used as a counterweight which acts against the helicopter via a pair of 4-bar linkages. Click for an animation of the drive tecnnic in motion.


Image by Benjamin Wendl. The mechanism to control the elevation is rather complex and is pictured at right.

The final image shows the roll positions superimposed for comparison. The use of belts rather than gears allows the pulleys to slip rather than stall the motor when the dinosaur bends fully. The gearbox both drives and supports a 24 tooth spur gear.

Each control in and of itself is lovely to watch, but the beauty of the Control Center is that all three can be operated concurrently. Oddly, the lower jaw does not really move but rather is fixed at a 90 degree and to the neck which does move.

There are two memory sections which the Control Center can toggle between.


The use of belts rather than gears allows the pulleys to slip rather than stall the motor when the helicopter hits the stops. A pinion gear on the motor drives a 24 tooth crown which then drives the belt system. Click to download the LDraw file of this model. Control Center The Control Center is the heart of this set.

Finally, a worm gearbox hidden drives and supports the green axle of the gimbal with a pair of rotors such that rotation of the axle directly produces rotation of the gimbal. Note in the photographs that a number of wires have to be carefully routed through this area without interfering with the motion of the parts.

Click for legp animation of the fan in motion.