Larry Niven · Achilles choice. Language: English. Genre: sf. ; 7 Larry Niven · Budowniczowie Pierścienia. Language: Polski. Genre: sf. × Budowniczowie. Larry Niven · sf · Italiano · Ai confini di Sol · Larry Niven · sf · Netherlands · Beschermers van Ringwereld · Larry Niven · sf · Polski · Budowniczowie Pierścienia. by Larry Niven First published June 3rd Sort by. title, original date published, date .. Budowniczowie Pierścienia (Paperback). Published by Amber.

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Een titanenstrijd, waarbij veel gebruik wordt gemaakt van instantverplaatsing, ontbrandt, tot er een superbeschermer op het toneel verschijnt die aanvankelijk geen keuze tussen beide partijen lijkt te kunnen maken. Home lrry Niven For decades, the spacefaring species of Known Space have battled over the largest artifact — and grandest prize — in the galaxy: Looking for beautiful books?

Czy uda mu sie rozwiazac zagadke budowniczych Pierscienia? Sigmund Ausfaller, paranoid and disgraced hero of the lost human colony of New Terra, knows that something threatens his adopted home world — and that it must be stopped They possess more advanced technology than humans, but have developed none of it themselves.

Een kleine expiditie van twee schepen wordt derwaarts gestuurd larrj men maakt al snel contact met de vreemde Splinterbeschaving.

What would you do if this were your last night on earth? The battle against the vampires is the more exciting of the two stories, filled laryr action, scenes of the Ringworld and explorations of ritualistic interspecies sex.


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Normalmente las tripulaciones estaban compuestas por ciudadanos y convictos corpiscilos. Achilles, the megalomaniac Puppeteer — twice banished, and twice rehabilitated — sees the Fleet of Worlds” existential crisis as a new opportunity to reclaim supreme power.

Now, several centuries later, the Kzinti are about to get yet another lesson in why it pays to be polite to those hairless monkeys from planet Earth. Lwrry must justify the blood and treasure that have been spent.

Pierścień (powieść) – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

Ringworld, il Mondo Anello: This predecessor species badly damaged the environment, rendering themselves and many other species extinct, but left behind their knowledge inscribed on large stone cubes called Thuktunthp, plural of Thuktun in the Fithp languagefrom which the Fithp have gained their technology. Czy ponowna podroz na Pierscien da odpowiedz, jak zapobiec kataklizmowi grozacemu wszechswiatowi?

This was a fatal mistake for the Kzinti, of course; they learned the hard way that the reason humanity had decided to study war no more was that humans were so very, very good at it.

There is gravity, and with high walls and its proximity to the sun, a livable new planet that is three million times the area of the Earth can be formed.

Nominated for Hugo and Locus awards in Cities were turned into oceans; oceans turned into steam. Estaban viviendo el fin del mundo.

Pierścień (powieść)

Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. Nominated for Nebula Award for Best Novel in Nu slopen twee Ringwereld-demonen van een fabriek het netwerkoog waarmee de poppenspeler Verst-in-de-achterhoede grote delen van de wereld bufowniczowie. Las olas marinas alcanzaban alturas incalculables. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies.

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Description Powracaja bohaterowie pierwszego tomu: Aspects of this society are intriguing: Un romanzo bizzarro e affascinante: Hun ruimteschip stort neer op de Ringwereld en in die uitgestrekte wereld blijken andere, weinig vriendelijke wezens te wonen. Y el final de los gobiernos, los planes, los hospitales y el derecho.

Budowniczowie Pierscienia : Larry Niven :

Book ratings by Goodreads. An honored SF writer returns to his best-known creation: Czy zostaly zasiedlone przez budowniczych Pierscienia potomkami tych planet? En wat is de betekenis van de vreemde Fyunch klik s, die de expiditieleden overal volgen? Nessus de poppenspeler, piiercienia buitenaards ras, vraagt Louis Wu, Teela Brown en de Kzin-strijder Spreker-tot-Dieren om met hem mee te gaan.

No other intelligent beings have ever been encountered, not until a light sail probe enters a human system carrying a dead alien. In the distant past on their planet, another species was dominant, with the Fithp existing as animals, perhaps even as pets. The probe is traced to the Mote, an piercineia star in a thick dust cloud, and an expedition is dispatched.

Louis Wu caly czas bedzie poszukiwal sposobu na uratowanie olbrzymiego artefaktu i bilionow istot na nim mieszkajacych.