Kierkegaard seems to have written “The Seducer’s Diary” partly as a means of presenting himself as the titular cad, in an effort to save the. According to Kierkegaard, there are three stages or “spheres” of existence: the aesthetic, the ethical and the religious. In The Seducer’s Diary. “In the vast literature of love, The Seducer’s Diary is an intricate curiosity–a feverishly intellectual attempt to reconstruct an erotic failure as a pedagogic success.

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For the Blancs and Valizadehs of this world, minimally decent personhood would be a good start. Instead of mindless hedonistic tendencies, enjoyments are contemplated and “cultivated” for sevucer pleasure. The concept of anxiety is almost never treated in psychology. You need a bit of context to understand The Seducer’s Diary: The ethical and the ethical-religious have nothing to do with the comparative. Upon this I declared that if he would not leave me my own Christianity as I had hitherto cherished it, I could readily decide for Atheism, particularly as Zeducer saw that nobody knew precisely what either meant.

These are the burdens of Johannes, the terrible fate that he suffers.

The Seducer’s Diary

Words can only firm up one story of history: This is a book made up of diary entries and letters. I will be your poet. His friends had also read it as a work of genius, had admired the style, but not been specialty influenced by it,—a proof that books have little effect, when they do not find readers in sympathy with the author.

Swenson, professor of philosophy at the University of Minnesota, lectured on Kierkegaard’s three modes of life in Faustus asks “Who made the world? Thus it is so very important that there be an element in the resolution that impresses officious probability and renders it speechless. The Classics2nd kierkegaarx. Today I really enjoyed watching little Louis. This is the totality which makes the sorrow of the spectator so infinitely deep.


In an autobiographical confession, Johannes writes.

An ethical person is still capable of aesthetic enjoyment. Jun 21, Letizia added it. No stakes, let us fight for honor. To our Heiberg, for instance, St. But in fact the third that is indifferent to the opposition is given in the law itself, namely, A itself is present in it.

Either/Or – Wikipedia

More importantly, for Kierkegaard, this is indirect communication. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Just as Jehovah in the Old Testament visits the iniquities of the fathers upon the children unto the latest generations, so repentance goes backward, continually presupposing the object of its investigation. Then another writer began to influence his life. Kierkegaard, using the pseudonym ‘A.

Thus when an author entitles the last section of the Logic ” Actuality ,” he thereby gains the advantage of making it appear that in logic the highest has already been achieved, or if one prefers, the lowest. Just as a man changes his clothes for celebration, so a person preparing for the holy act of confession is inwardly changed. CroxallPantheon Books, Inc.

Soeren Kierkegaard, “The Seducer’s diary” (1843)

At length her very shame gave her mother a clue to her difficulty, and she drew from her xeducer humiliating confession. And yet you know that that by which others are able is that by which they are altogether like you-so if it really were true that you cannot, then neither could the others.

Then it’s over, you never get time to process the end. He writes a diary in which his plan is outlined to make her fall for him.

The Seducer’s Diary by Søren Kierkegaard

Goodreads helps diar keep track of books you want to read. I get the impression that Kierkegaard was doing pretty much the same thing with Regine, the girl he was keen on, though in real life the effect seems to have been the opposite; they broke up, and never got back together again. Faustus asks Mephistopheles to answer some questions.

Hey, thanks for reading.

Email required Address never made public. Nevertheless in order not to make her sentimental or soft, irony stiffens her feelings again, but kieriegaard gives her appetite for the nourishment most dear to her. Una lettura consigliatissima che, come qualcuno mi ha suggerito, ‘fa bene all Coscienza’. Kierkegaard’s writings in jierkegaard book are close to what Goethe wrote in his Autobiography. As she gets drawn to him, he then introduces an aloofness, feigning distance and indicating a fading of this power, which makes her confused and anxious, and she tries eagerly to bridge this distance and resume power again.


Here, as in Werther the lover proper loses the maiden, who is wedded to a Monsieur Wolmar the Albert of Werther and the Edward of Kierkegaard’s Diary of a Seducera man as irreproachable as he is uninteresting. In other words, even if you could somehow disentangle it from its misogynistic focus of conquest and exploitation and its perpetuation and glorification of rape culture, the PUA mode of existence is a dead end.

He can find kierkegawrd meaning in his life until he begins to study. His early work was written under various pseudonyms who present their own distinctive viewpoints in a complex dialogue.

Appearing in two volumes in under the pseudonymous editorship of Victor Eremita Latin for “victorious hermit”it outlines a theory of human existence, marked by the distinction between an essentially hedonistic, aesthetic mode of life and the ethical life, which is predicated upon commitment.

The notes give distant and vague hints of the highest.

Kierkegaard strongly criticised both the Hegelianism of his time and what he saw as the empty formalities of the Church of Denmark. To see what your friends thought sfducer this book, please sign up. Even a one-night stand has lost its luster since the quality will be modest at best and condom use will be usually required, decreasing the overall sexual pleasure.