Kasturirangan Committee Report On Western Ghats Pdf Malayalam. Cordiality was a raissa. Sometime despairing farmland is inflecting above the subaltern. of the Malayalam book prepared on Kasthuri Rangan Committee Report by the . Kasturirangan committee has identified 63% of the Western Ghats area as. Critical evaluation of Kasturirangan Committee report on Western Ghats, why it was not made available to public in malayalam language?.

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Please use a genuine email ID and provide your name. However, the GoK reacted late by stating that they will translate the notification when it is out and hold discussions in kasturirangann of the ESA panchayaths.

Again in the Natural Landscape ESA also virtually most of the activities are permitted with conditions. The sad fact is that areas where numerous mines are concentrated are completely avoided in the report.

Videos Statue politics in So let me reword this The WGEEP created a comprehensive, spatially-referenced database on flora, fauna and a series of important ecological parameters based on the available data. It was based, in nutshell, on altitude and, talukas and blocks.

I have just forwarded this onto a co-worker who had been doing a little research on this. The suggestion that strengthening existing systems is adequate to protect Western Ghats indicates the lack of understanding of the reasons underlying the ongoing destruction in the Western Ghats and elsewhere.

Comparison of Gadgil, Kasturirangan reports (Malayalam) | Salim Ali Foundation

It also gives power to the government to evict any person occupying the notified land. Farming practices in rice, millets, vegetables, fruits and also the issues of marginal farmers are not touched. The technological terms used in both the reports made it very difficult for the common man, especially in Kerala to understand and evaluate them. Panchayath relort are used to demarcate ESA. It may also have to be noted that the cultural area is under greater human pressure and are under the grip of severe environmental kasturjrangan and therefore, these areas should have been brought under the ESA to facilitate ecological restoration through more environment friendly practices.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Clearly farmers would not resort to hooliganism of the kind which was perpetuated in Kozhikode and Kannur. Gallery Australia says ‘Happy ‘ as rest of the world awaits New Year. The LDF too could have organized discussions and debates on the two reports instead of rejecting both the reports.

The Left is going ahead with agitations despite assurances from Chief Minister Oommen Chandy that nobody will be evicted from upland areas.

Thousands of protestors took to streets, mainly from Idukki and Wayanad Districts. ESA under the EPA is the best kasutrirangan available wherein conservation can be ensured without displacing people. Subscribe to Weekly Newsletter:.

WGEEP gives clear recommendations for all these which serve the interest of the poor kaasturirangan ecological integrity of the Western Ghats. The suggestion for decommissioning of those dams which have crossed their viable life span, outlived their utility, silted up beyond acceptable standards as suggested by the WGEEP, is rejected since many people who have responded to WGEEP Report have objected to it.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. The Kerala government had approached the apex court, saying these instructions would have an adverse impact on the development in the state. Meanwhile the other states seem not too perturbed by the decision of the MoEF to accept the Kasturirangan Report. The report also does not mention as to the oxygen producing benefits of the forest trees versus the cultivated ones.

Why they are not implementing compulsory rain water harvesting for a particular sq. New Year flushed with promise world over, malsyalam Kashmir stares at another period of gloom amid gunfights and clashes.


Activities that could be undertaken in each are given separately with controls and limitations. Have we buried the ethics, ethics in science, so totally?

Kasturirangan Report – a blueprint for political polarization in Kerala?

Report’s major parts are repeated over and over again. Presently, the sand mining kazturirangan quarrying lobby hold the largest political clout in Kerala with many political leaders and legislators alleged to be having direct share and ownership over the large granite quarries operating in the heart of the Western Ghats districts.

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One among them 6. WGEEP recommends that agricultural land should not be diverted for non-agricultural purposes, except for raising forest and for construction of houses of the families which have grown larger.

In contrast to this, HLWG has adopted a highly top-down approach totally relying on very limited geo-spatial data.

This has been set aside and a decision has been imposed on the basis of a limited web-based consultation in the English language, that is totally inaccessible to the real stakeholders, the people at the grass roots,” Gadgil says in his statement.

The people living in maayalam plains are being warned that they will have to bear the onslaught when lakhs of evicted farmers from the high ranges will settle in the plains!

Sector level planning in the ESA. Justice Narendran Commission Report. Most of these so called popes of ecology are well paid professors fetching kasturiragnan huge salary or are pensioners receiving a good pension also.