Karaoke Culture [Dubravka Ugresic, David Williams, Ellen Elias-Bursac, Celia Hawkesworth] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Finalist for . Dubravka Ugrešić. Karaoke Culture. Translated from the Croatian and with an Afterword by David Williams. David Williams. Uploaded by. David Williams. —The Independent (UK) Over the past three decades, Dubravka Ugresic h. Karaoke Culture is full of candid, personal, and opinionated accounts of topics.

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The market town of the economic and spiritual rather than geographic periphery of the former Yugoslavia is still known as the palanka. It drew all the visitors away from a genuine nearby historic village and its inhabitants who made a living culfure folk crafts to tourists. Ne mogu se oteti dojmu da je ova knjiga vapaj ili nekakav izraz nostalgije za tzv.

Karaoke Culture – Dubravka Ugrešić

No trivia or quizzes yet. That culyure the time under the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and the cool places to go for art and study were Vienna and Prague A lack of appreciation and understanding of kitsch, for one again I invoke Sontag and the heartwarming sincerity that can lie behind kitsch and camp.

Her novel Forsiranje romana reke was given the coveted NIN-award for the best novel of the year: For this, I love Will Self’s non-fiction pieces as much as the average Guardian below-the-line commenter hates them. She is based in Amsterdam today, working as a freelance writer.

Karaoke Culture By Dubravka Ugresic – A Review | By The Firelight

Reading Karaoke Culture is—in the best way possible—much like sitting with a highly caffeinated intellectual kadaoke tea. Ugresic has a catching, intelligent, and humorous voice. Though I suppose I have a grudging gratefulness that, rather like the principle of the universal welfare state, internet posting activity is not only for those of us whose options of better things to do are limited.

You can read an interview with her at Kirkus. Overall, I think that it was beautifully written, and that there were many interesting ideas, but that I just wasn’t the target audience.


In the past few weeks I’ve run into or read several discussions about contemporary essayists, so it’s little surprise to me that I started reading one – a recommendation received a while ago, which I’d prematurely passed on to another friend before actually reading her work myself.

Karaoke Culture

This was written five years ago, and inevitably some of the content and perspectives are outdated already. Her experiences in the Dubravvka are fascinating and the stories are great. A destructive rural equivalent of Poundbury built by a Serbian film director with connections that make him the local equivalent of a Russian oligarch.

If I knew her personally, I’d worry about leaving her alone too long.

Karaoke Culture By Dubravka Ugresic – A Review

Her gripes are not only with Balkan catastrophe, but with pretty much every technological advent. Pursuing arguments along these lines, taken as a whole, Karaoke Culture reads as an elegy for disappearing values in art and cultural practice.

The break up of the former Yugoslavia is at its heart. The popularity of Gobelin cross-stitch.

Part of the allure is for the amateur to wrest the microphone away from the stars and, for a maraoke, to take their place in the limelight. Return to Book Page. The very foundation of karaoke culture lies in the parading of the anonymous ego with the help of simulation games. Some of the shorter pieces are only loosely connected to the book’s main themes, but all but the most incidental are of some interest.

I think it would be a great read for those who love more academic books and those who have a deep background or knowledge of Europe. Jan 03, Frank Mancino rated it it was cculture. This site uses cookies. Here she diagnoses contemporary culture in all its facets, underlying the parallels between ideologies and societies that have long understood themselves to be diametrically opposed. Liked it enough to take a lot of notes and to uhresic to learn how to pronounce the author’s the name correctly.

Interesting, entertaining, and more readable than some other collections of her essays. Oct 24, Gabrijela rated it really liked it. There are plenty of things on which you can’t trust the mob The paradoxes amongst nationalists she describes are disturbing, a bit terrifying, and comic because there is no alternative. Karaoke Culture – UK. Oh, and great essayists can make something entirely coherent and seamless, hardly ever having to resort publicly to bullet points and jumpy chapter-by-chapter summaries to half-order their thoughts.


I wouldn’t, in print, compare the appearance of the best hairdresser I’d found in years to a walrus, even in an affectionate way, and expect her to have anything to do with me ever again. The denizens of the K.

Stephen rated it really liked it Jul 10, Similarly, ‘A Question of Perspective’ also deserves room of its own. The title essay is dubarvka fantastic discussion of the cult of amateurism and the plethora of amateur performances available for public consumption.

This regret extends all the way to Romania, where karaome essay is being written. Experience has shown that where cultural and civil centers do not hold, power vacuums form, and destruction follows. Of these four, the two middle essays are absolutely excellent, both about Croatian and former-Yugoslav literature, using it as ways to explore the history and culture of the region.

You live in Ams Brilliant and hilarious, yes. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Most of them negative, though – she dulture has a good word to say about the place. Karaoke is ersatz performance doubling as appropriation art.

Within the first few pages, I realised that these days, I have very specific requirements for an essayist I’m going to like. It is a hard criticism, but Ugresic has little patience for us off key singers.