JScrollPane; import ane; import MutableAttributeSet; import AttributeSet; import javax. JTextPane; //from w w w. j a v a 2 s. c o m public class Main { public static void main(String args[]) { JFrame f = new JFrame(); aultCloseOperation( JFrame. JTextPane is a subclass of JEditorPane class. JTextPane is used for styled document with embedded images and components. It is text component that can be.

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An unnamed style may be useful for things like character attribute overrides such as found in a style run. TitledBorder null, “Instructions”, javax. Swing is not thread safe. The text pane at the lower right demonstrates that you can easily embed images and even jtrxtpane directly into text panes. Style getLogicalStyle Fetches the logical style assigned to the paragraph represented by the current position of the caret, or null.

You can find how-to information and examples of using text panes in Using Text Componentsa section in The Java Tutorial. Although this is an interesting example that concisely demonstrates several features of JTextPane”real-world” programs aren’t likely to initialize a text pane this way. The scrollpane slider was created to wrap the textpane. Run tjextpane code below. This may be null if unspecified attributes need not be resolved in some other style.

For more help, www. Use is subject to license terms. Here we list the facts again and provide a bit tl detail. If attributes aren’t explicitly set for character jtectpane paragraph attributes they will resolve through the logical style assigned to the paragraph, which in term may resolve through some hierarchy completely independent of the element hierarchy in the document.


Thanks for the reply. The current serialization support is appropriate for short term jtexxtpane or RMI between applications running the same version of Swing. A new instance of StyledEditorKit is created and set, and the document model set to null. I have a JTextpane where i will be adding instructions. Thanks loads for your help with this, I knew it was simple and that I was being simple!!!

The trick is to set the character attributes for the entire text content. Fetches the current paragraph attributes in effect at the location of the caret, or null if none.

This method is intended to be used only for debugging purposes, and the content and format of the returned string may vary between implementations. Hi I have a JTextpane where i will be adding instructions.

adding Jscrollbar or Jscrollpane to Jtextpane

One task that you can accomplish without knowing anything about the Swing text system is displaying text from a URL. For example, JTextArea does not support embedded images or alternate text alignment.

StyledDocument getStyledDocument Fetches the model associated with the editor. It is sorta covered in the JavaRanch Style Guide. Components and images may be embedded in the flow of text. Can anyone help me with this? This is sentence one.

Serialized objects of this class will not be compatible with future Swing releases. Two Swing classes support styled text: The code uses the default constructor to create the editor pane, then calls setEditable false so the user cannot edit the text. This is implemented to return javax.


Newlines For a discussion on how newlines are handled, see DefaultEditorKit. Here is the code from TextSamplerDemo.

Creates the EditorKit to use by default. Also see the documentation redistribution policy.

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How culd be this done when only xy position is known. Here is the code from the TextSamplerDemo example that creates and initializes a text pane. Applies the given attributes to character content. For jtextpan information see Swing’s Threading Policy. If u r not going for BreakIterator stuff then: Find index by xy?? How to Use Various Components.

java – adding Jscrollbar or Jscrollpane to Jtextpane | DaniWeb

The component is placed relative to the text baseline according to the value returned by Component. JTextPane -To find the index by providing xy position. This section lists jtextpand of the API related to text and editor panes.

Font “Tahoma”, 1, 16new java. I did read somewhere that the scrollbars will appear when the preferred size of the panel is greater than the size of the pane, but couldn’t set this up.

Unfortunately, however, while JTextPane makes complex things possible, it makes some simple things difficult. Edited 5 Years Ago by diafol: