Ned Kelly’s passionate letter to the press offered a rare insight into his feelings. Ned Kelly’s Jerilderie Letter is not your standard bushranger confessional, it’s a searing document of prophecy and self-mythologisation. State Library of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia. Object Name Jerilderie Letter. Object/Collection Description Only two original documents by Ned Kelly are known.

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Expert Database Find experts with knowledge in: It was clear how infuriated he was with the corrupt police force, and clearer still, how justified he was about all his own misdeeds.

Byrne then rewrote it in neater handwriting. We hear the living speaker in a way that no other document in our history achieves Kelly worked for two years at timber-getting but in joined his stepfather in jerilderiie horses.

In part, he concluded: The National Museum of Australia acknowledges the First Australians and recognises their continuous connection to country, community and culture. Most of the captives in the hotel had succeeded in leaving the building, the last of them emerging about 10 a.

The case for Ned Kelly’s Jerilderie Letter

The following morning Living and Tarleton took the train to Melbourne where they delivered Kelly’s letter to the office of the Bank of New South Wales. Retrieved from ” https: Has anyone been to Woolshed where he was educated? A plucky bank accountant — aptly named Edwin Living — got hold of it and took it to Melbourne.

Considering it was hidden from the public view for 51 years, I think Jerilderid says something about Parliaments fear of it’s influence letfer it were to be read by a sympathetic eye. This may have been to gain the attention of liberal power brokers in Sydney in his campaign against the Victorian wealthy landowners and the Police they controlled.


Jerilderie letter

Fortunately, I had a copy on my shelves purchased as part of the Text Classics series. He begins with the words “Dear Sir, I wish to acquaint you with some of the occurrences of the present past and future But despite Kelly’s threats, Living never published the letter. It is speculated that “Red” Kelly passed on MacNamara’s poetry to his son.

Ned Kelly in the dock. In his document Kelly defends his bushranging actions, condemns the people he believed had wronged him and warns people not to defy him.

The women and children were then left to cope in the running of the farm. A former police trooper wrote in a Queensland newspaper: In he was discharged from prison and his mother married George King. Should I kill spiders in my home? Ned had become the family breadwinner. lettsr

Jerilderie Letter, p. 42

To ask other readers questions about Jerilderie Letterplease sign up. Page 5 with that place called Tasmania better known as the Dervon or Vandiemans land, and M c Cormack being a Policeman over the convicts and W omen being scarce released her from that land of bondage and tyranny and they came to Victoria and are at present residents of Greta and on the 29 th of March I was released from Prison and came home.

The Kelly armour, c. Concurrent to this was the influx new political ideas brought by migrants travelling to the diggings from Europe, Asia and America.

Elliott gave a synopsis of the document to Jerilderie newspaper editor Samuel Gill and Gill wired the synopsis to Melbourne. It is difficult to actually rate this. The Jerilderie Letter is 56 pages long and contains approximately words. All the I read this alongside Peter Carey’s ‘True History of the Kelly Gang’, which was written as an impersonation of Ned Kelly and attempted to recreate the style seen in the Jerilderie letter.


Jan 07, Jessie rated it really liked it Shelves: The Jerilderie Letter is fond of animal imagery, and Kelly and his gang are often likened to feral or native creatures fleeing their pursuers: Two copies were made of Ned Kelly’s letter, one by publican John Hanlon and one by a government clerk. We are updating our new website in stages.

You are in site section: Brendan rated it really liked it Mar 19, Immediately after Kelly’s body was taken down from the gallows, his hair and beard were shaved off and a mould was taken of his head by Maximilien Kreitmayer.

The video had excerpts of the letter running across the screen and I was quite intrigued by the vivid descriptions of wrongdoing and wrath that the letter contained.

Kelly’s words, including the Jerilderie Letter, “fascinated Nolan with their blend of poetry and political engagement”.

Jerilderie letter transcription | National Museum of Australia

Footnotes 1 McQuilton, p. Jerilcerie is particularly important to the Jerilderie Letter, which begins with an account of a hapless bush hawker bogged in a swamp. You will find hundreds of such families around any township in these colonies petter poor devils, not originally bad, until a fussy or an ignorantly ambitious policeman makes them so for some one of these mistakes, which are often magnified into crimes… 2 The government and squatters were alarmed at the degree of public sympathy for this gang of outlaws.