js13, diam 0 tot 1, + js13, boven 1 tot 3, + js13, boven 3 tot 6, + js13, boven 6 tot 10, + js13, boven 10 tot 14, + TOLERANCES ISO. Arbres – Ecarts en microns (μ = mm). Ø mm. F7 g6 h11 h H9. H8. H7. H6. Js 11 Js Js9. Js8. Js7. Js6. K K K9. K8. K7. K6 . Standard Specifications for Metal Casting Tolerances – ISO , ISO , ANSI CT7, -, IT11, IT12, IT13, IT14, JS, JS, JS, Gr.8, Gr.9, Gr, Gr, Gr.

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Assembly of parts using low pressing forces. It is the size whose limit dimensions are specified using the upper and lower deviations. This paragraph can be used for the fit design itself.

Machining Tolerance

Spring-type straight pins Coiled, standard duty. Precision running fits with small clearances with increased requirements for fit precision. ZC and a tolerance zone The system of tolerances and fits ISO can be applied in tolerances and deviations of smooth parts and for fits created by their coupling.

Fixed fits with negligible clearances or small interferences fixed plugs, driven bushings, armatures of electric motors on shafts, gear rims, flushed bolts, etc. Adjustment of this equipment. Internal threads refer More information. A mandrel may or may not.


These fits are designed, above all, for transfers of torsional moments using friction forces between shafts and hubs. If you want to know more or withdraw your consent to all or some of the is13, please refer to the cookie policy.

In order to meet the requirements of various production branches for accuracy of the product, the system ISO implements 20 grades of accuracy. A Features of the Indicating Snap Gages – MaraMeter. To learn how to effectively More information.

General Geometrically, a part can be said to be round circularin a given cross section, with a point from which all points of the surface are equidistant. Measuring Circularity and Cylindricity. Following the precautions outlined in this manual will. Pivots, latches, fits of parts exposed to corrosive effects, contamination with dust and thermal or mechanical deformations.

Standard Specifications for Metal Casting Tolerances – ISO , ISO , ANSI B, ISO

Designed for machines running at higher speeds and considerable bearing pressures. In fact, it is not necessary or useful. The parts can be easily slid one into the other and turn. Routine production processes do not allow maintenance or ido of the given geometrical properties with absolute accuracy.

They have compact design, high efficiency, low noise, reliable sealing.

Chapter 6. The ISO System of Limits and Fits – Tolerances and Deviations

This type is not designed for free run. Actual surfaces of the produced parts therefore differ from ideal surfaces prescribed in drawings.


The fit design is processed automatically and after its completion, the calculation provides the user with a set of 15 fits whose parameters meet the best requirements entered in paragraph [4.

The tolerance zone for the specified dimensions is prescribed in the drawing by a tolerance mark, which consists of a letter marking of the basic deviation and a numerical marking of the tolerance grade e. D L B1 B2 Approx.

Similar fits with small clearances or interferences demountable fits of hubs of gears and pulleys, manual wheels, clutches, brake disks, etc.

The dimentions are in metric, most of the one place decimal variety eg. The parts can be assembled or disassembled using cold pressing and greater jz13 or hot pressing. One note of caution if you are using or making reamers. Page Captive Screws Important functional dimensions particularly those that could cause confusion in mounting of the parts are tolerated usually individually by the addition of a tolerance mark or numerical value of the deviation to the respective basic size.