Nur für den internen Gebrauch. Inhalt. Inhalt. 0. 1 Overview. These settings will be used for a specific file type if its Use defaults parameter is set to „Yes“. Siemens Hipath Service Manual File Type Download Pdf, Free Pdf Siemens contents nur fã¼r den internen gebrauch asa 76a9. and Log-on Nur für den internen Gebrauch AHM File type For a description of the various file types, see Section

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Interface to Open Communications – PDF

Component registrar Enumer- As with “Adminis- Handles data relating to ation tration” the type of phone, e. NULL Prefix for national connections, e. Configure the Mitel MCD 4. NULL Full canonical format for the enterprise node. For deployment on the phone, the credentials must be prepared as follows: This value must be unique for all keys involved.

Initial digit timer seconds initial-digittimer Integer 1 to seconds Default: Admin is not able to change trace settings or can not clear the existing phone traces during an active diagnostic tracing. See also Section 4. By issuing a ReadItems or ReadAllItems message, the provisioning service can determine whether the phone has the intended software version now.


If for some reason the CDR handler does not recover, then the maximum allowed number of ticket files stored simultaneously in the ticket pool may be reached. Basic Communication Procedures Phone Driven Interactions A new message flow starts as soon as a new connection to the provisioning service is established. The resulting files can be viewed in the WBM web pages over the Download links.

Concatenation of password and TAN. Available with firmware version V2. To enable this functionality via the WBM, proceed as follows: For this key module, the key numbers represented by the index attribute are to for the first level, and to for the shift level. Hold Ringback timer locked-config minutes menus Set the time interval after which the user will be reminded of a held call.

OpenStage Provisioning Interface Developer’s Guide

Second certificate to enable a secure connection with the web server specified for the “send URL” function see Gehrauch 4. Incoming calls are indicated via LEDs and display only. When the maximum number is reached, the ticket file is closed and a new file will be opened.

Larger messages will be split into fragments. Maintain the EVM system.


Pause cbks Label for the key. Please note that this is not filstyp full interaction, but only the relevant section of an interaction driven by the provisioning service.


Additionally, this field indicates the end of the call record information in this file.

First, we will explain the basic message flow. The Group Limited Telephone: If the value is zero, the internal tag alert-type[index] is set to silence 1 and ringer-melody-[index] is not changed as it has no significance.

XMLPhonebook is a preconfigured phonebook application.

Interface to Open Communications

Gebeauch as encrypted within DAS only. After deletion of trace file the phone will reset the value to “false”. User ID sip-user-id Default: Finally, the provisioning service terminates the interaction with a CleanUp message. The provisioning service sends a CleanUp message. These will be added according to the functional area they belong to.

However the provisioning service should avoid setting an FPK to such a function when it is not possible for it to be used. Available with OpenStage V2R2 onwards.

For a high-level description of the possible interactions, please refer to Section 3, “Basic Communication Procedures”. Secure call alert en- locked-configabled menus Enable an alert on insecure calls.

NULL for new configuration data.