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Applying to Change Conditions or Extend Your Stay in Canada – Worker (IMM ) – Information about who can apply for a work permit from. Read the Instruction guide (IMM ) for important information about as part of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot [IMM ] (PDF, KB). Undertaking for an Application for a Work Permit exempted from a labour market impact assessment (LMIA) as part of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot [IMM ].

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How to extend your Work Permit and renew your Temporary Resident Visa

Medical exams should be done at least two months before the current expiry imn your permit and intended future employment, to avoid processing delays and the return or refusal of your application due to incomplete information.

You may apply for a study permit by completing the IMM form. Otherwise you may experience delays. If you do not know your Client ID, leave that box empty. How do I know the expiry date of my temporary resident status?

Your employer must send you a copy of the contract to be included with your application for renewal. If a decision has been made and you have not been found to be a Convention Refugee or a Protected Person, but are awaiting an appeal in federal court, you are required to pay the processing fee as a decision has been made on your initial application.

Find out more about inadmissibility. Processing will stop immediately if 553 give false or misleading information.

If your employer is a mission, foreign government, international organization or a bridge or tunnel authority, they may be exempt from the Employer Compliance Regime. You may voluntarily leave Canada or you may be subject to an admissibility hearing that could lead to removal from Canada.


If you wish to apply for restoration, complete the enclosed Applying to Change Conditions or Extend Your Stay in Canada – Worker 3 application providing full details of how you came to commit the offence.

It offers several ways of searching through the information available, including search by keyword. Are there any conditions on my work permit? My Service Canada Account. Place the checklist on top, as a cover to your application package. Therefore, you should ensure that your passport will be valid for a longer period than your requested extension.

I am an international student. Use our application guides to help fill out your application properly, then submit your application.

The officer will issue all the necessary documentation with the one application. Failure to do so may result in processing delays or your application being returned or refused. For more information, see: Details and instruction on how to apply for other services, such as a study permit from within Canada may be obtained by visiting our Web site. Do not use initials. For example, if you are currently receiving social assistance, attach a letter from the provincial social services department indicating you are receiving money or attach a cheque stub if it indicates clearly that it was issued by the provincial social services department.

The following table provides examples of post-secondary education: For spouse or common-law partner work permits, send your application to: The eTA may be used to travel to Canada by air only.

Passport number If you did not use a passport to enter Canada, indicate the type and number of other travel or identity documents you used to enter Canada.

Application for a Temporary Work Permit – Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

Applying for more than one service at the same time You may apply for a study permit by completing the IMM form. From Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.


If you were given a document, the expiry date is marked on it. Therefore, you should allow a month to pass before submitting your application to ensure lmm results have been received.

How do I come to Canada as a temporary foreign worker?

We will return your application. The ability to apply in Canada does not guarantee acceptance. If you have lost your status, you may have committed an offence under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and umm be subject to an admissibility hearing that could lead to your removal from Canada. You must then pay the additional fees and mail everything back to us. If ” No “, type the following information:. You need to jmm your biometrics In most cases, you now need to give your fingerprints and photo biometrics after you apply.

If you do not use French or English, check the “Neither” box. If your application for a work permit renewal is approved on or after May 1,we will automatically issue you an eTA. We refer to your fingerprints and photo as biometrics. The Case Processing Centre receives large volumes lmm applications in the temporary resident categories each year.

It is required if the employment location is in Canada, whether or not the employer is in Canada. Place the checklist on top, as a cover to your application package.

You only need to give your 5535 once every 10 years to make repeat trips to Canada easier.