His real name was not Ignazio Silone – he was born Secondino Tranquilli. Pescina was not Fontamara and Silone was not a poor peasant. Ignazio Silone,. FONTAMARA. Arnoldo Mondadori Editore S.p.A., Milano. INDICE. Cenni biografici su Ignazio Silone. Cenni critici. La fortuna di. Fontamara is one of the Italian classics of the twentieth century. It was written Its author, Ignazio Silone, was a controversial figure throughout his life. He was a .

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The renowned Italian historian and critic, Gaetano Salvemini, described it as ‘untranslatable’. For one thing he was expelled from the Communist Party just at the time when many others were joining it.

Account Options Xilone in. He was not a bad man, but weak, fearful, and not to be trusted in serious matters.

David Beecham: Ignazio Silone and Fontamara (Summer )

Retrieved 14 May fpntamara Everyone tramples on us. Fontamara was his first book and it was also a testament, dedicated to the two people who were closest to him. But it was the first book which showed what fascism was really like, told in the language of the wretched of the earth, the cafoni of Italy.

He describes the sufferings of the peasants, the cafoni, still living under feudalism and further burdened under the new fascist regime of Mussolini. Such as the so-called Fascists. Even that was not enough. To sillne even more votes, as he was the one to register a death, when someone died he paid the family five francs and kept the names on the electoral roll and voted for them.

She also hints that if the people of Fontamara need anything, such as gasoline or arms, for instance, they could siilone it, provided they applied through some trustworthy person.

Fascism has not triumphed. As a choral novel there is not one protagonist, but there are characters who are mentioned more than others such as Berardo, and the three narrators fontamaea tell the story.

Those who attempt to stand in the middle of a busy road usually get knocked down. Fontamara remains probably the most widely translated Italian novel. The narrator says he will write Fontamara in the language we learnt at school i. I must ask you to repeat his answer word for word”.


The external leadership was assigned to Palmiro Togliatti. This was a device of his silne Donna Clorinda that enabled her to keep an eye on every detail of his affairs. My thanks are due to Eileen Millar, Eric Mosbacher and Gwenda David for the advice in preparing this article, and to Aldo Arrigucci for his help and inspiration. He saw the rebellion against the system and the birth of a new left as hopeful signs: But it was the first book which sulone what fascism was really like, told in the language of the wretched of the earth, the cafoni of Slione.

But we were cafoni Pelino is persuading them to sign the petition. The flags that everyone else had were black and no bigger than a pocket handkerchief and in the middle there was a picture of a skull and crossbones.

Slowly this begins to change and the world of everyday reality is one they do not understand or recognize. Some characters have become more distinct and others have receded into the background.

The formulations he adopted could be interpreted in a variety of ways, and it was just this tendency to try and straddle quite different political positions which led to trouble after the war.

As with many rural novels, Fontamara discusses the various seasons, and seasonal duties, such as the grape harvest in the vineyards.

He said “I can do nothing for you. He wrote to me: He always favours the powerful and uses his sermons to blame the villagers for not paying taxes. The new edition was more polished, less hewn.

The s are not the s. In ignaxio s he denounced the McCarthy witch hunts. We ignaazio not told the name of the son and he is just referred to as the child. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. They are disconnected with the world and don’t know about new laws like the Emigration Policywage rate changes, and identity cards and papers needed to get on a train or work elsewhere.

Berardo and Giuva find Elvira and Matala at the top of the bell tower. They are asked to sing the anthem when they pass through villages on the truck, but ask, What anthem? The political platform he drafted in and published in shortly before his fontzmara from exile shows how his politics had shifted since his years in the Communist Party. Although I still teach his novels in my undergraduate classes, and find them sublime works of art as well as lucid commentaries on the national and international politics of the left in the s and ’30s, there is simply no possibility of this information not affecting how these novels are read today.


The cafoni, as the small holding peasants are called, have lived traditional lives for centuries in which they had very little, worked for the benefit of the town folks and local authorities, but nonetheless had simple rules of how to be in the world, and while very poor, eked out lives of hard work and human satisfaction.

Ignazio Silone and Fontamara

Give them drink, give them plenty to drink, and they won’t be offended. One incident summed up the situation: Silone writes in a very readable style, narrating the action humbly. He seems more and more surprised about the events which unfold in Fontamara because before it was a quiet town where nothing really happened. The Pope releases a cloud of lice on the houses of the poor so that in moments of idleness you have something to distract your thoughts from sin Moreover, when Berardo is being tortured, and fighting back they dragged him back to the cell by his legs and shoulders like Christ when He was taken down from the cross.

The author also describes how despite being a priest, he does not protect the Fontamaresi from the rich and their unfair treatment. This revised edition was published in an English translation in by Dent. One incident summed up the situation: