Make the following updates to Doc FOREWORD. This document contains a list of ICAO four-letter location indicators and, for ease of. ICAO Location Indicators. This document contains a list of ICAO four- letter location indicators and, for ease of reference, corresponding three- character. ICAO DOC EDITION Doc preparation of an operations manual. Fernando Nobre ยท Doc icao abbreviations and codes.

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Indicate communication equipment and capabilities not specified in ITEM Commercial air transport S if scheduled air service N if non-scheduled air transport operation Non-commercial air transport G if general aviation including aerial work M if MIL, CUST or police X if any other category not defined above e.

Note 7- Guidance material on the application of performance-based communication, which prescribes RCP to an air traffic service in a specific area, is contained in the Performance-based Communication and Surveillance PBCS Manual Doc So messages with Priority Indicator SS have the highest transmission priority.

The point at which the change of FLT rules is planned, expressed exactly as in 2 or 3 above, as appropriate, followed by a space and one of the following: Flight plans for consecutive legs may also be filed. The older tape stations and perhaps newer ones also included a bell that could be rung by using a set character code. These non-changeable fields are: The parts of the Network Operations Handbook, as well as other documents listed in the bibliography, can be downloaded at http: Indicate GNSS augmentation under this indicator, with a space between two or more methods of augmentation, e.


The purpose of the bell was to allow the sender to alert the receiving operator of a high priority message such as an SS message. CMPL items 7 to 19 as indicated hereunder.

Flight plan messages filed on skybriefing are transmitted automatically to AIM Operations Switzerland for further distribution. Non-observance could lead to failed or mismatched association. ACFT become status overdue whenever: Radio Data Code Manual 17th ed. ANS Air Navigation Services providers, aviation service providers, airport authorities icxo government agencies, to name a few. Direct filers take full responsibility for compliance with all relevant procedures, including the CMPL addressing of their messages.

KM per HR, expressed as Manyal followed by 4 figures e. Multiple RSP specifications are separated by a space. Wrongful use of these designators to avoid flow restrictions is regarded as a serious breach of procedure and will be dealt with accordingly. Flight plans and associated ATS messages shall be filed on http: The following provisions are icap to ITEM The message routing is easily automated by general purpose computers.

ICAO DOC 7910 Ed 169

Where a flight plans to carry out special activities in an area, the STAY indicator may be used in the route between the point of entry and the point of exit of the STAY area point of entry and exit may be the same points.


Nused in Switzerland. Basic RNP 1 all permitted sensors. Every location airport or other facility with a connection to the AFS is assigned a unique four letter code the aeronautical location indicator by ICAO. Switzerland requires this insertion. The first four letters of the eight-letter group is a Location Indicator indicating the place of destination. Jingle bells was a favourite. Changes to the submitted flight plan 3.

New Publications – Doc

These designators shall only be used with the proper authority of the State or the medical authorities concerned. Other equipment carried or other capabilities see Note 5.

Some long distance and international links were based on duplex radioteletype transmissions and leased lines. The VFR flight plan ixao be filed on http: RNAV 1 all permitted sensors. The whole communications system is still rooted in the ‘official’ nature of radioteletypes. Mach numberwhen so prescribed by the appropriate ATS authority e. The coded designator assigned to the route or route segment including, where appropriate, the coded designator assigned to the standard DEP or ARR route e.

ACFT become status overdue whenever:.