Low cost Glulam Portals have been successful in achieving a total saving of up to 13% in comparison to standard steel frame structures, when compared to the. Glulam frame of a roof structure. Glued laminated timber, also called glulam, is a type of structural engineered wood product The result was the first glulam portal. In , Hetzer moved his company to Ettersburger Strasse, still in Weimar. Key words: construction design, structure, three-pinned frames, long-span, . Glulam portal frames (reproduced from Handbook 1 – Timber structures. ).

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Hetzer continued to patent various ingenious systems, but the first of these that could be compared with subsequently standardised horizontal glulam was DRP No. The following CEN standards are relevant to the topic of glulam.

Holy Trinity, Camboand Holy Trinity, Horsley frsme, and four s Merseyside churches also feature laminated timbers: Glulam is one tenth the weight of steel and one sixth the weight of concrete — the embodied energy to produce it is one sixth of plrtal for a comparable strength of steel. This means that glulam beams can span large distances with a minimal need of intermediate supports.

Glued laminated timber – Wikipedia

The invention of cold-curing synthetic resin glues in “Kaurit” solved these problems – resin glues, which are inexpensive and easy-to-use, are completely waterproof and enable high adhesive strength. Little energy is needed for the manufacture of glulam. Nevertheless, it showed that while the absolute greenhouse emissions are strongly dependent on the method used to calculate them, the environmental profile of glulam is typically as good or better than steel in an example structural application.

Certified glulam is the accepted term for glulam with at least four laminates, that has been manufactured, controlled and marked according to certain rules. Joints with casein glues struggled with detachment due to inherent stresses in the wood. CNC machine tools can utilize up to five axes, which enables undercutting and hollowing-out processes. In elements of this type, any characteristics or features, such as knots, which may exist in the individual laminates, are equally spread, unlike a solid timber element from the same species.


Journal of the Southampton Local History Forum. Only glues of which the industry has long-term practical experience are used. Sports structures are a particularly suitable application for wide-span glulam roofs.

Retrieved 2 June The glulam technology allows the manufacture of thick, wide and very long components; not just simple straight but curved elements too.

Beginning inhe took out a series of patents. Glulam consists of individual laminates of structural timber, providing a highly effective utilization of the raw material.

Glulam construction

Two churches in Northumberland are now framr to have the earliest extant uses: The glulxm are assembled by nailing, screwing or bolting, unaffected by the time of the year or the weather, and any adjustments can be made with simple hand tools.

The result was the first glulam portal. It was built as the replacement of the Cathedral of St. Glulam manufactured in Sweden corresponds to strength classes in accordance with Eurocode 5. The use of finger joints with glulam allowed for production of glulam beams and columns on large scale. Straight beams are manufactured with a constant cross-sectional dimension, mono-pitched or double-pitched.

The world’s tallest glulam structure has been built in BrumunddalRingsakerHedmarkNorwayit is an 18 storey building. Francis de Sales, which became unusable because of the Loma Prieta earthquake in Free spans of over m have been built. One advantage is that all glulam components can be made in the factory in suitable sections for transportation, and then assembled on the building site.

CAT 5 hurricane-resistant log houses are built of glulam timber [20]. The appropriate class is determined by the strength of the timber used and its position in the cross-section. American Institute of Timber Construction. The roof of the Richmond Olympic Ovalbuilt for speed skating events at the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, British Columbiafeatures one of the world’s largest clearspan wooden structures. If they are burned at the end of their service life, more energy can be recovered than was used to manufacture them.


After planing of the sides, the finished width is a few millimetres less than the width of the laminates. Glulam structures can be erected quickly and simply by using prefabricated units. Shell structures provide a wide choice of advanced forms free from columns. Leading architects all over the world have demonstrated their credentials with spectacular glulam constructions.

Glulam construction

Portal frames can have curved or finger-jointed haunches. Glulam has greater strength and stiffness than structural timber of similar dimensions.

Glulam has many applications: A case study comparing energy use, greenhouse gas emissions and costs for roof beams found it takes two to three times more energy and six to twelve times more fossil fuels to manufacture steel beams than it does to manufacture glulam beams.

In contrast with laser cutting machines, the cost-effective CNC machines carve the prtal using mechanical tools, like a router. A list of approved glues is kept by the Nordic Glulam Control Board. Glulam that has been manufactured in accordance with the rules given in national or European codes is graded in strength classes.

Glued laminated timber

portap Charcoal biochar Firelog Firewood Pellet fuel Wood fuel. Certified glulam is marked in accordance with the standard. These included the distinctive bell-shaped roof dome of the former Hygiene Institute, Zurich,now the main building of the University of Zurich. The size is limited only by transportation and handling constraints. The life cycle greenhouse gas emission is lower for the glulam beams.

Glulam provides the strength and versatility of large wood members without relying on the old growth-dependent solid-sawn timbers. High resistance to fire — often a requirement in public buildings. Other frmae are also available depending on the factories’ capability.