Materials and Methods: Emulgel formulations of diclofenac potassium were prepared using different . subjected to various evaluation parameters such as drug. Emulgels have been extensively covered as a promising drug delivery system for the administration of lipophilic drugs. This work was. Formulation and Evaluation of Luliconazole Emulgel for. Topical Drug Delivery. Dhobale Shankar,* Shelke Gajanan, Jadhav Suresh, Gaikwad.

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Clindamycin emulgel, Formulation, Evaluation.


A formulation yielding clear and transparent appearance and the one not cracking when observed for 24 h was selected for further studies. Absorbance was measured after suitable dilution at nm using UV-Vis spectrophotometer. Aceclofenac content in emulgel was measured by dissolving known 0.

How to cite this article: In both the models, animals treated with aceclofenac emulgel showed inflammation reversal in 2 h of application, resulting in improved inhibition of inflammation with an effect lasting up to 6 h. The developed emulgels were evaluated for their physicochemical properties like color, homogeneity, consistency, spreadability, pH value, rheological behavior, drug content, drug release and stability.

Thus, the formulated emulgel was considered optimum, based on the pharmaceutical characteristics and further subjected to animal testing for anti-inflammatory activity using two animal models viz.

To overcome this limitation, emulgel, a novel drug delivery has emerged which is a combination of gel and emulsion, where the presence of gelling agent in the water phase converts a classical emulsion into a gel. The percentage change in inflammation was calculated by the same formula as mentioned above.


The highest drug release was observed with T4, emulgdl the drug release showed Hence, the micro emulsion was considered optimum in terms of these pharmaceutical characteristics. The aim of present study was to develop an emulgel formulation of clindamycin phosphate using Carbopol or HPMC as a gelling agent. Microemulsion containing 15 mg of aceclofenac was evenly applied onto the surface of dialysis membrane along with aceclofenac suspension in water for comparison.

In this regard, the activity of aceclofenac in alleviating inflammation was evaluated as measure of the efficiency of the formulation and thereby, the drug release.

These results were concordant with the study conducted by Fathalla et al. All other chemicals and solvents evluation of analytical reagent grade.

Cumulative corrections were made to obtain the total amount of drug release at each time interval. Compared with ointments and creams, gelsprovide a better feel are greaseless and easily washable.


Topical drug administration is simplest and easiest route of localized drug delivery anywhere in the body by routes as ophthalmic, rectal, vaginal egaluation skin. Vol 6 No 3 November 12, Journal article Open Access.

Preparation and evaluation of aceclofenac topical microemulsion. Clindamycin is a lincosamide antibiotic.

Hence, we addressed the issues of previously published studies, presenting a novel research. Polysorbate 80, isopropyl myristate, was procured from Molychem Mumbai, India and Loba chemie pvt limited, Mumbai, Indiarespectively.

The inflammation in the ear of each rat was noted using Vernier caliper at 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th formylation of treatment.


The trend in inflammation and reduction was similar as observed with the first model, in the respective groups. Search in Google Scholar. The late phase of the inflammatory response has been shown to be due to potentiating effect of bradykinin on mediator release and prostaglandins, producing edema after mobilization of the leukocytes as studied by Necas and Bartosikova 19 and Siqueira et al.

Microemulsion-based formulations have an advantage of improved solubility and have reported to enhance drug permeation, owing to reduced surface tension and particle size 56. The total duration of this study was approximately 5 months considering conceptualization to completion of animal studies. The microemulsion when diluted in 1: The optimized formulation was subjected to gelling, resulting in formulation of an emulgel.

Hence, F3 with 1.

Formulation and Evaluation of Tioconazole Emulgel for Topical Drug Delivery System

Oil was mixed in the Smix for around 10 min on a magnetic stirrer. Aceclofenac is a ebaluation anti-inflammatory drug NSAID glycolic ester of diclofenac, used for certain joint disorders. Similar Articles in this Journal.

Carrageenan induced paw edema model: Commercially available Terbinafine hydrochloride cream was used for comparison.