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Involve the parents in the procedure B.

Enrol in SS Test Pack. Difference between typical cervical and thoracic vertebra: Important notification from NBE. Mosses sign — Pain in Calf on squeezing mc muscle 3. There will be more bound form of the warfarin available, leading to an increased bleeding tendency. Parenteral drug absorption in a person with congestive cardiac failure might be expected to result in: What kind of action does pentazocine have at opioid receptors?


Which of the following is considered a proprietary name for this substance?

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: All of the following physiological processes occur during the growth at the Epiphyseal plate except: An inhibitor action What is the principal protein that does this best?

Inferior mesenteric vein b.

2007 MBBS Batch

The basal veins join the great cerebral vein and finally drain into the straight sinus. Summarized Version of the milestones is here for you.

Which type of name is best to use in clinical practice? If aspirin is administered together with warfarin, what is the most likely outcome with respect to protein binding? Which of the following statements is applicable when administering a drug to a paediatric client? Fme Aneurysm is Infra renal part of abdominal aorta 3.

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Sodium hydrogen carbonate D. Muscle fibers in the ligament of Trietz b.

Sai Pardhu January 23, mccq 6: Coldness and Numbness of toes is the 1st sign 6. Efferent tubules- rete testis- straight tubules d. Preparation along with gut feeling will definitely score you a point.


MCQs Points for FMGE & DNB

Sai Pardhu Correct Answers: Till the tertiary bronchus b. Tissues which do not have close access to atmospheric oxygen are supplied by the bronchial arteries. Blanching, Dusky cyanosis, Red engorgement. Structures that pass from thorax to abdomen behind the diaphragm are all except: Which of the following is considered a proprietary name for this substance? What kind of action does pentazocine have at opioid receptors?

Here only the superior vesical artery is a visceral artery and the rest all the parietal supply the structures in the abdominal wall.

All of the following muscles are composite muscles except: