Der SS-Staat: Das System Der Deutschen Konzentrationslager [Eugen Kogon] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The subject of Eugen Kogon, and his famous book entitled Der SS-Staat has come up in the comments section of my blog, so I am going to tell. Buy Der SS-Staat by Eugen Kogon (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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He was put on trial, but was acquitted. Das System De Deutschen Konzentrationslager.

Eugen Kogon and his famous book entitled “Der SS-Staat” | Scrapbookpages Blog

Nevertheless, while Kogon’s dedication to objectivity and his reliance on other eyewitness accounts make this book more than a straightforward memoir, his experience of life in Buchenwald gives a distinctive shape to the book’s description of relations between perpetrators and camp inmates, and personal anecdotes throughout the text suggest his conviction that a level-headed inmate could survive the camp experience without great difficulty.

Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. Georg Konrad Morgen, who was the main witness for the defense in the Buchenwald case. The primary means for self-preservation described in the book, however, was to take part in or facilitate the corruption and sexual profligacy of the SS.


The American army put together a book based on the lies told by the prisoners. Okay this guy wrote a book about the horrors that went on in the camp. At Nuremberg, Morgen testified on 7 August regarding the conditions at Buchenwald.

These persons approved its accuracy and its objectivity. Nearly all the other concentration camps were similar to Buchenwald.

They even had a brothel. Eugen Kogon 2 February — 24 December was a historian and a survivor of the Holocaust. InKogon and Dirks founded the Frankfurter Hefte “Frankfurt Notebooks”a cultural and political magazine with a left-wing Catholic point of view.

Der SS-Staat : Das System der deutschen Konzentrationslager

They had a large camp library, even with foreign books. Kogon, die als christen een tegenstander was van de nationaalsocialistengeldt als een van de intellectuele vaders van de Bondsrepubliek Duitsland en van de Duitse integratie in Europa.

In maart werd hij voor de derde keer aangehouden en in september werd hij gedeporteerd naar het concentratiekamp Buchenwaldwaar Wugen als gevangene nummer zes jaar was opgesloten.

Eugen Kogon, an Austrian Social Democrat and political activist, who was a prisoner in the Buchenwald camp from September to April RSS xer for comments on this post.

Comment by furtherglory eugfn September 1, 6: The prisoners were healthy, normally fed, sun-tanned, working…. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Notify me of new comments via email. According to Kogon’s own statements, he was able to develop a relationship bordering on trust with Ding-Schuler, after becoming his clerk in Alfred Grosser counted him as one of the three “creators of Europe”. The camp authorities, under the Commandant Pister, aimed at providing the prisoners with an existence worthy of human beings.


Kaltschin, Russian prisoner of war, member of the Russian committee. A well-known Christian opponent of the Nazi Partyhe was arrested more than once and spent six years at Buchenwald concentration camp.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. From toKogon was also president of the German council of the European Movement. No historian could ever accept that.

Comment by furtherglory — September 1, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Among other issues, he turned against the Wiederbewaffnungatomic weapons and the “madness of excessive armament”. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Thanks to the opening of the archives of the East German Socialist Unity PartyLutz Niethammer has uncovered testimony that reveals a far more serious level of complicity on the part of the Red kapos of Buchenwald than Kogon acknowledged.

Dit blad bereikte snel een voor die tijd hoge oplage van Present at the reading were: