Crowds and Power is a revolutionary work in which Elias Canetti finds a new way of looking at human history and psychology. Breathtaking in its range and. CROWDS AND POWER by. ELIAS CANETTI. Translated from the German by. Carol Stewart. NEW YORK. THE VIKING PRESS. I Essays and criticism on Elias Canetti’s Crowds and Power – Critical Essays.

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The best insights can sometimes come from meandering pathways.

Canetti, Elias + Theodor Adorno: Crowds and Power | Introducing the Frankfurt School

Adorno then poses the question of poder Canetti believes that these symbols really are the key problems of contemporary society and whether or not the real masses, with the implications of real political pressures, has an even greater importance for society rather than these factors of the imagination.

Refreshing because after almost six decades this inter-disciplinary work has never found a disciplinary home in the social sciences and consequently never has been turned into countless doctoral theses and academic articles. I thought this was amazing. Maar crrowds laat hij in spaarzame korte bijzinnen duidelijk merken dat iedereen te maken heeft met macht, zowel door bevelen uit te oefenen als bevelen te ondergaan. I can’t event remember why I ever thought I wanted to read this, I guess I expected something about the psychology of crowds, not one guy’s opinion spewed from his high horse of elaborate nothingness.

It’s certainly worth reading, I only wish Canetti had provided an introduction to give us a clearer sense of what he specifically intended to achieve and why he chose to include and exclude what he did. The power motive David G. To me, this is mister Canetti presenting his elaborate, pretentious, shallow, completely unsupported by research theories about crowds in the most patronizing and infurating way I’ve This is utter bullsht, or rather I should say I wholeheartedly believe it to be so.


Its rambling, discursive style is somewhat disorienting. I highly recommend this book to people seeking to stimulate their candtti.

Crowds and Power

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. This site uses cookies. The only way for individuals to be able to agree or consent to their own disempowerment is for them to poower these complementary categories so as to make them seem meaningful, even irrational, and therefore sacred.

Crowds and Power is a revolutionary work in which Elias Canetti finds a new way of looking at human history and psychology. So I was curious to find out more about him, and, when Sherwood recommended Crowds and Power in the middle of a discussion thread last month, I went out and ordered a copy. Ja, het is vreselijk maar het is waar: Selected pages Title Page. There comes a moment when “all who belong to t Fouad Ajami: Ze ontmaskeren en ontwapenen daarmee ten dele de machthebber tegenover ons en in ons.

April 25, by amarilla. Dit boek geeft ongehoord originele en inspirerende inzichten in de fenomenen massa en macht, en de inzichten in macht en bevel zijn naar mijn smaak zelfs snijdend en verontrustend. This is a dense, magisterial work Hij doet dat alles niet op de logisch-systematische wijze van de wetenschapper: Elk kind heeft meerdere bevelen moeten opvolgen, elke ondergeschikte heeft tientallen van zulke angels moeten oppotten in zijn lichaam.

The chapter crwods power and violence should be a must read for every aspiring politician not to mention the ones already in office.

Crowds and Power – Elias Canetti – Google Books

Canetti draws a parallel between ruling and paranoia. Property is the imperative for humans to reproduce, as it supplies more bodies for the culture industry to appeal to. Apr 14, Sunny rated it it was amazing Shelves: Maar echt exceptioneel imponerend vond ik het hoofdstuk “De overlevende”, waarin Canetti ons via diverse mythische, exotische en historische verhalen confronteert met een genadeloze hypothese: Canetti derives the notion of command—biologically—from the order to flee.


The Attributes of the Crowd. This is a truly fascinating and perspective-altering examination of the phenomenon of crowds, and the power formations out of which various crowd configurations evolved, developed from a literary-mythological-psychological perspective.

Rather, it reads like a manual written by someone outside the human race explaining to another outsider in concise and highly metaphoric language how people form mobs and manipulate power. Tegelijk echter wel zeer moeilijk op te volgen, want er is -zo suggereert ook Canetti- nauwelijks interactie mogelijk zonder elementen van macht en bevel. Een geest die bodemloze en onuitputtelijke eruditie paart aan vaak aforistische, soms groteske en bizar beeldende schrijfkunst.

None the less, quite an inspiration. A person loses his fear of being touched only when packed in a crowd, and at this moment his fear of being touched reverses itself into its opposite. Maar misschien geldt dat nog wel sterker voor de eigenzinnige en uiterst creatieve opzet van het boek als geheel. Contrariamente a quanto ho finora borbottato, il decadimento del Premio Nobel arriva da lontano.

Preview — Crowds and Power by Elias Canetti. De angst voor de inbreker geldt niet alleen zijn roofzuchtige bedoelingen, ze is ook een vrees voor zijn plotselinge, onverwachte greep uit het donker.

Dat soort identificatie, waarbij het ik door totale inleving daadwerkelijk in de ander metamorfoseert, ad de machthebber uiteraard een gruwel. It breaks the rate, as it were, in both creativity and literacy and so is ignored. Crowds and Power by Elias Canetti.

The fingers of both hands intertwined are the first basket. Daarmee reageert hij uiteraard op de angstwekkende massa en macht- fenomenen die we leerden kennen in met name de Tweede Wereldoorlog, maar ook nog erna.