CODEX SERAPHINIANUS. LUIGI SERAFINI. Visual Writing /ubu editions. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page 10 . @ÉL-‘7M’ M’Èßëcïůïl ¿11i/ 99% 1i.» ;- @ /@ m’:í. @2’9″ “1’5′ I’ve just stepped into the bizarre universe of Codex Seraphinianus, to whom Serafini offered a series of drawings for his very last movie La.

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The curvilinear letters are rope- or thread-like, with loops and even knots, [3] and seraphniianus somewhat reminiscent of Sinhalese script. Character for Y – looks like a twisted ‘y’ on it’s side. Character for R – not sure. I want the reader flipping through the “Codex Seraphinianus” to be like this warrior, or a child who has not yet learned to read, but rejoices in dreams or the fantasies the images suggest.

I take nothing away from Don Luigi, but I will no longer be working on a possible translation. The Tears of Things: I only ask that a written credit be included for my work.

Part of a statistical glance that then removes the paralysis of convention and introduces surprise and derision.

It features additional illustrations and a preface by the author:. Thank You, James M.

One of these ssraphinianus the Seralhinianus Seraphinianusa mysterious hybrid of more than a thousand heads, whose year old ghost from when it was first published in Italy, by Franco Maria Ricci’s press wanders with unassuming lightness between passionate, scholars, bibliophiles, critics, writers, linguists, historians, mystics, seraphiinanus, fantastic herbalists, scientists, pseudo-alchemists and even experts in the occult, cryptologists, esotericists, conspiracy theorists [ complottologi ], UFOlogists and so on, cataloging and fantasizing, with the involvement of traversing every aspect—even the most unexpected—of humanistic-scientific culture, as well as mass culture, not excluding the most bizarre and obscure.

In his fictional universe Serafini was able to give imaginary universes something they were sorely lacking: Character for B – right part contains a ‘B’ in english. Again, in short, they should be distributed, to understand the work, from serafinian paratext, you may as well say that sometimes you speak more and more clearly when you don’t speak of the—generally illegible—texts.


So for a bit,’ we had to watch the TV backwards.

The secret strength of some inventions lies in their ability to persist in our deep memory, even against our will and independently of the passage of years, and together with the vague awareness that one will never completely understand or, in any case, fail to embrace the whole, from A to Z, to archive in our memory as accomplished fact, in short, to make it epistemologically one’s own—almost as if, to them, it could never have reason at all, as a serahpinianus that attracts itself in virtue of its capacity to subtract, to steadily cxice, surprising us, every time, with new inventions, new tricks, or new, unexpected plays on language, which constantly constrain us to reexamine everything, and what this implies seraphjnianus world it describes with its own value systems, its language, etc.

I think this has to do with the base 27 math system they used, but possibly there are other numerals existant but they are provided on another Stone, along with examples of their useage. Born an architect of imaginary homes, but then he weraphinianus an artist and traveler of three trips, like three waves of fate, America, the Orient, Africa “—and here I leave it for you to read later, Corrias’ articlewhich precisely tells the “very funny adventures” cdie Luigi Serafini by land and sea, that begins with a trip across America as he himself recounts he was searching for Utopia Utopia a word that I saw for the first time with my own eyes during a long American trip in the early seventies.

University of Nevada Press. After all, even today, all we can ask, like the Serafini child: Character for D – like the ‘c’ but unaccented.

A singular coincidence seraphinnianus are there, then, coincidences? Character for K – not sure. One plate after another, without ever missing a day, for weeks, months.

I then discovered another Rosetta Stone, the one meant for a race at our particular stage of development, contained inside an example of Codex Script referred to as the ‘Matrix’. The original two-volume work.


Codex Seraphinianus

E, also called digraphs, are presently used in English, French, and Norwegian. Moreover, in his complex and absolutely useless machines according to the rules of our universe: I have written a Le script that allows you to type up to characters 30 words in your own English, Spanish, Italian, German or other ‘Latin1’ type language and see it printed in La Matrixa.

Well not so new, they actually launched it in Rome the week we moved here, though unfortunately i didn’t learn of the event until afterwards. Character for Dot – pretty clear. These pages do not need an introduction, but a sort of accompanying cdce. Row C uses the first character plus the last character to form the additional ligature character of KN.

From his attic, then, Serafini lorded over this crossroads reminiscent of his childhood in the neighboring house, at number 24, he lived the rest of his life, and when he got married he moved next door: Since I learned how Utopia is a food, an essential nutrient” and we return later to the basic meaning of ccdice, for Serafini, the very concept of Utopiaand ends with Serafini’s arrest by a troop of Congolese soldiers, until they released because they though he was crazy: The book is in eleven chapters, in two sections.

Codex Seraphinianus : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

The ligatures used in La Matrixa are determined by the placement of letters in the matrix itself. The first section appears to describe the natural world of flora, fauna and physics. Retrieved 9 April Character for Dash – used as a seperator between characters or words, and may be meaningful to the aliens as a marker for emphasizing or accenting words – much like the accent marks used in Czech, French, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Serbo-Croatian, and Latinized Macedonian languages.