The DS, DSA, and DS digital thermometers provide 9, 10, 11, .. Throughout this data sheet, the term “conversion” is used to refer to the entire. The DS digital thermometer and thermostat provides 9-, , , or bit . as explained in the CONFIGURATION REGISTER section of this data sheet. DS CMOS Dual Peripheral Driver (discontinued). The DS series of dual peripheral drivers was designed be a universal set of interface components .

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Using the DS in DS applications: Anything else I can try? This application note describes the differences and similarities between the two parts including DS functions that allow compatibility with the DS but which are not documented in the DS data sheet.

I2C not working | PIC18F46K22 + DS Temperature sensor | Microchip

There are a number of user-configurable options – all such settings are stored in non-volatile EEPROM that will retain values for at least 10 years without being powered. Any help will be much appreciated!

You may contact me at jon. The DS sensor looks like a good choice for many temperature-measurement situations.

DS1631, DS1631A, DS1731 High-Precision Digital Thermometer And Thermostat

This characteristic of the DS means that microcontroller code and host circuits can be more easily ported and adapted without the need to build new conversion tables or take into account circuit anomalies. You change the resolution via bits in the configuration registers. You probably want to set it up for continuous conversion mode — you don’t seem to be doing that in your code.


Essentials Only Full Version.

DS1631 Datasheet

You should download and study the DS data sheet; it gives you all the information you need to adapt the program above. Datazheet sensor uses a two-wire serial interface that is funcitonally equivalent to I2C for reading and writing data. A number of associated components on the chip handle IO and sensor behavior. The DS and DSA datasgeet families exhibit similiar characteristics and operations but with a few differences – see the relevant datasheet for these devices for more about their operation.

DS Datasheet(PDF) – Maxim Integrated Products

One question that came up for me while reading the datasheet is whether the 2-wire serial communication scheme the chip uses is equivalent to and compatible with the I2C protocol. Read out of DS The sensor itself is working it’s on a small separate boardI have tested it with a previous controller board and it works.

This frees a designer from dedicating microcontroller ADC resources or a dedicated ADC circuit to the job of converting the analog signals provided by other temperature sensing technologies.

Why does my PIC32 run slower than expected? Ok I give up In addition, the DS provides a linear output over its entire range, es1631 the need for lookup tables or specialized signal-conditioning circuits to achieve a linear response. Note that both the DS and DS have the same standard resolution 0.

I’ve already used the DS in an application treating it as if it were a DS and it worked fine. JM, thanks for your help with this Debug breakpoints automatically disabled Future of PIC32 16F88 cannot set internal oscillator frequency beyond An analog-to-digital ADC converter with user-selectable precision references this sensor and converts its output to a digital word.


No code, but it does include some waveforms and helpful hints. The DS is I2C. Not that that does dahasheet much good since I’m just not that good at the electronic stuff — more a programmer, unfortunately.

The other attractive feature of the I2C version DS is that you could connect up to eight of them to the Arduino with just two pins; to connect eight DSs datwsheet the Arduino you’d need five pins and a 74x 3-to-8 decoder to handle the chip select called RST on the Ds1361 Hi Mysil, thanks for the reply. I don’t think the DS vs the DS should matter as I’ve made that switch before and they’re supposed to be pin compatible.

Hi, Back to some basic questions: The slope method is still supported as an undocumented command. After the second entry in the interrupt function: Interrupt flag is being cleared, but it seems an interrupt condition is never triggered again.