The title of this work, De Trinitatis erroribus, is taken from the work by Spanish theologian Michael Servetus who was burned to death on the. De Trinitatis erroribus. Date, Source, servetus/writings/#0. Author, Miguel Servet. De Trinitatis erroribus libri septem.. / Per Michaelem Serueto, aliàs Reues ab Aragonia Hispanum. Anno M.D. XXXI.. Author. Servetus, Michael ?

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Secondly, Paul does not define what he means by the one God when this opportunity is present. No etroribus does Paul report he saw God. This usage by Paul may indicate the degree of importance of these three subjects.

This is easier to understand if the word “lord” is used for it seems to have a wider undersanding in English. Actually, surrounded by multi-god worshipping Greeks and Romans it is almost a natural thing to address Jesus as “god. He thought of going to America. It had a wealth of Biblical erudition it was an astonishing performance for a erroribhs of twenty.

De Trinitatis erroribus librii vii

However, on this matter of Ignatius, it s good to consider how he makes a clear distinction between the “one God” and the Son He revealed, even as Paul does. It is our purpose to provide a work for the year 2, AD which takes up the banner of Michael Servetus. He is renowned for his contribution regarding the discovery of the pulmonary-circulation system. Is it fair to say, if he were of a Trinitarian bent of mind, Paul has a full canvas here to express his triune idea. Minutae will be agrued a thousand years tirnitatis honest men will get no where.

This occurs in the phrase: First Epistle of Clement to the Corinthians: Jesus knew and quoted those texts which applied to him as the Messiah.

Unless, he views God as truly one and not a combination of three. He studied medicine and law in Paris and later practiced in several French cities. Jesus knew he had come from God and was to return to The God.


Erratum on leaf [] recto. Many will point to this early church father as calling Jesus “god” “God the Word” in his letters and this is true. Jesus himself recognizes, both in his “days in the flesh” as well as the Celestial Christ, that he has a God for he uses the phrase “my God” twice, once at his errorubus and once after his erdoribus.

This text in Moses is found in the experience of the Nazarene. When the Nazarene speaks of “Our Heavenly Father” who does he have in mind?

De trinitatis erroribus libri septem

Jesus Christ is no Originator or Prime Mover. There is evidence also. For he declares in Deuteronomy The phrase “holy spirit” occurs 23 times and not at all in the letters to the Galatians.

He then who would live the true life is enjoined first to know Him ‘whom no one knows, except the Son reveal Him. The Son of God is older than all his creation. The disciple Mark, possibly the triniatis of Peter, translate this exactly as the Septuagint above has it. Jesus is asked by a wise scribe which commandment is first. Am I trying to convince men or a god? It was Athanasias who slapped Arius! Both, interestingly, in the Gospel of John. In his monumental work he wrote he “will not make use of the word Trinity, which is not to be found in Scripture, and only seems to perpetuate philosophical error.

Does all of this contradict the modern view of monotheism?

De Trinitatis erroribus libri septem – Brill Reference

For I want to make you completely aware that the Gospel I preached is not of human origin. So, though it is true, Ignatius calls the Son “God the Word” by using the word “God” for the Son he does not necessarily mean equality with Almighty God.


The Counseil voted that Servetus should be burned alive. Servetus proceeded to take the Semitic view of Trinitarianism. Paul does not seem to hold any thought that they were one and the same.

Jesus was not equal or co-eternal with the Father. What is the seriousness of this one Gospel Truth? The title of this work, De Trinitatis erroribusis taken from the work by Trinitais theologian Michael Servetus who was burned to death on the morning of October 27,in part for writing this book against the doctrine of the Trinity. During his flight from inquisitional Protestant persecutors Servetus discovered a tiny tfinitatis of Anabaptists who described themselves as, “The brethren.

Again in his reunion with his home synagogue in Nazareth, Jesus boldly quotes from Isaiah The word “God” occurs times.

Georg Serpilius] [i. We will beg with earnest prayer and supplication that the Creator of the universe will keep intact the precise number of his elect in the whole world, through his beloved Child Jesus Christ. Three days later he escaped by leaping over a garden wall.

Of a doctrine of the Trinity in the strict sense there is of course no sign. Indeed, even though here may be so-called gods theoi in heaven or on earth as in fact there are many gods and my lords yet for us there is one God, the Father, from whom are all things and for whom we exist, and one Lord, Jesus Christ, through whom are all things and through whom we exist.

On many occasions Jesus quoted the sacred Jewish texts.