Welcome to Cthulhu Invictus, horror roleplaying in the first century CE, the time of the Roman Empire. From this page, you can see all our all the free downloads. I also love everything Lovecraftian so needless to say Cthulhu Invictus was pretty high up on my list. When Golden Goblin Press announced. Cthulhu Invictus is the latest setting for the Call of Cthulhu RPG, following on from the recent success of Cthulhu Dark Ages. It introduces a.

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Cthulhu Invictus: A Sourcebook for Ancient Rome by Chad Bowser

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here They were the very old folk who dwelt higher up in the hills and spoke a choppy language which the Vascones could not understand. Also includes six NPC patrons. Provincial Governor- Backers at this level receive both a physical and digital copy of the 7th Edition Guide to Cthulhu Invictus.

Email required Address never made public. From the Egyptian snake-creature Invoctus avatar of Yig and the ravenous Cerberus hounds created by ancient sorcerers to the dryads growing from seeds that fell from space and the goddess Nemesis a Dreamlands deity of violence and black jealousy.

What the Golden Goblins have done is invicts an incredible balance between brevity and completeness. Reward no longer available 34 backers.

We thank you for your support. Adventure, glory, death, and madness await.

Tim Brown rated it liked it Jul 04, Blood and Gloryby Oscar Rios – In invicts city invictuw Rome, investigators make ready to enjoy three days of games at the Colosseum. We only have a small number remaining, which we are offering as add-on items, but should we unlock this stretch goal we will order fresh stock for many of our backers those due physical rewards shipping directly from the Goblin Lair, not available to Print on Demand or digital only backers.

How horrible is a dark young of Shub-Niggurath when Scylla is real?

This would probably cover your expenses for nearly a year if you were careful, invictuus a really wonderful night if you were not. I got it to post without issue.


Reward no longer available 1 backer. This backer level does not include any physical rewards, stretch goal bonus items, or allow physical add-on items. Physical rewards or add-on items are permitted.

You can afford to hire a boat to take you where you need to go. Cthulhu Invictus goes with that last choice, and it often doesn’t fit very well.

Cthulhu Invictus: A Sourcebook for Ancient Rome

Senatorial level backers also get to vote on the release order of the three provincial guide books we’re planning to produce over the next few years. The ancient civilization that conquered the known world, ruling in a time of light and glory until the barbarians at the gates overwhelmed them and plunged them into the darkness, leading to a time of feuding petty-kingdoms that dream of a new empire. You serve within the legions, from the mists of Britannia to the sands of Syria, drilling and guarding the lands along the Rhine, Danube, or Nile rivers.

Unified by laws and bureaucracies, protected by powerful armies, the citizens of the Empire enjoy the comfort their great civilization provides There are far fewer games that take place during the glorious empire, and even fewer that take place during the actual Roman Empire and draw on real history for their background, so I was really excited to read Cthulhu Invictus.

Email Print Facebook Reddit Google. Diana of the Ephesians, of Acts 19 fame, is actually Shub-Niggurath? Luckily, the folks over at Golden Goblin Press have a lot of experience in that regard.

The bodies of some of the dead, carted out of the city to be quickly and safely disposed of, have begun returning to Rome of their own accord. Golden Goblin Press Denarius: When Golden Goblin Press announced that they were Kickstarting a new version using the 7th Edition rulesetneedless to say that I was pretty excited.

It will be designed by Mark Shireman and feature the art of Alberto Guerra. James rated it liked it Apr 14, Paperbackpages. You can travel for leisure purposes, and you enjoy going on holiday in the country or provinces once or twice a year. Return to Book Page. We are thrilled to be working once again with Alberto Guerrawho is doing our cover and interior illustrations. This backer level include digital versions of all stretch goal bonus items, and allows digital add-on items of De Horrore Cosmico and Tales of Cthulhu Invictus.


To ask other readers questions about Cthulhu Invictusplease sign up. The Natives of Italila – Backers at this level receive both a physical and a digital copy of the 7th Edition Guide to Cthulhu Invictus. All backers due digital stretch goal rewards will receive PDF copies of the cover and interior pages of the screen.

Among the amazing cultural resources in this book areā€¦ A four-page section on mundane Roman items such as social classes, slavery, telling time, units of measure, food, and clothing. Battle sinister cthukhu, unspeakable horrors, and alien gods across the Roman Empire, from the misty shores of Britannia to the bustling markets of the Arabia, deep in the forests of Germania and cthulju the stacks of the Library of Alexandria, from the Pyramids to the Parthenon, from the Colosseum to Hadrian’s Wall, from the trading ports of North Africa to the coast of the Black Sea.

Reward no longer available. There are discussions of the Twelve Olympians plus PlutoMagna Materthe Imperial Cultthe Mystery Religions including Christianityand philosophical schools, all brief-but-awesome just like the geographical descriptions above. Golden Goblin Press Sestertius: The first toe-dip into the mythos part of Cthulhu Invictus is a look at the real-world religious beliefs of the Romans.

This will increase the minimum size of the project to 90, words. One seldom saw them; but a few times a year they sent down little yellow, squint-eyed messengers who looked like Scythians to trade with the merchants by means of gestures, and every spring and autumn they held the infamous rites on the peaks, their howlings and altar-fires throwing terror into the villages.

Five different patrons for PCs to work for, a big thing in the Roman world. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.