Coyotes. A Journey Across Borders with America’s Mexican Migrants. From the book jacket: “We were nowhere—there was nothing around. We worried we had . Coyotes: A Journey Across Borders with America’s Illegal Migrants. Ted Conover, Author Vintage Books USA $ (p) ISBN Ted Conover is an American author and journalist. A graduate of Denver’s Manual High School Conover spent a year traveling with Mexicans in order to write Coyotes; he lived in a “feeder” valley in the Mexican state of Querétaro, spent time.

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Riding the Rails with America’s Hoboes More summaries and resources for teaching or studying Coyotes: One harrowing border-crossing through the Sonoran desert reminded me of nothing so much as Sam and Frodo’s march toward Mt. Grim as it is, I suspect it gives a rosier picture than would apply to seasonal migrants who enter the US illegally. I also found the discussion the author had with the white farmer who hired some of them interesting.

I’m not sure what the solution is but I have great respect for the hardworking tenacity of many of these people.

I realize that it is sad that it took a white man going through the illegal alien experience and writing This book is phenomenal. This issue is at the heart of why Mexico has historically housed such a consistently vehement labor movement throughout recent history.

Stay in Touch Sign up. One cannot imagine any American field worker risking what these men risked to cross the border and get to Arizona, or Florida or Idaho in order to sleep in the groves or at one point an abandoned walk-in refrigerator to have the privilege to pick up oranges or dig potatoes, not just once but year after year after year. This was an interesting read, told through the eyes of a white American man living and traveling and working with Mexican men in both Mexico and the United States.


Frankly, it sounds very similar to today as so many of the workers are migrant farm workers and travel back and forth each cootes. They are dogged, resourceful, desperate to work and get money for those back home. I like the first hand look at the life and work of Mexican immigrants working in the agricultural industry. They crossed the border again!

To discover what becomes of Mexicans who desperately slip into the United States, Ted Conover disguised himself as an illegal conober, walked across deserts, hid in orange orchards, waded through the Rio Grande, and cut life-threatening deals with tough-guy traffickers in human sweat.

Half of the worth of the book is the story of the migrants, the other half certainly is Conover’s own story. He spends a considerable amount of time in a Mexican village getting to know the culture and the motivation behind their lives.

Coyotes by Ted Conover | : Books

Ted also learned about the impact on the Mexican economy and culture. Of course, he had the ability to walk away without punishment coyots he was a legal resident. He teaches graduate courses in the Literary Reportage concentration and undergraduate courses on the “journalism of empathy” and undercover reporting.

View a FREE sample. This book is eye opening, interesting, and the writing is not half bad either. The story was really inspiring to me. This section contains words approx.

Ted Conover’s “Coyotes: A Journey Through the Secret World of America’s Illegal Aliens”

He documents the struggles, the culture, the admirable qualities of the people as well as the not so admirable qualities of the people and their culture. I found an article online where researchers interviewed women who had crossed and how they coped with the effects of being far from family.


My latest book was Finding Enrique, the story of children left in Central America who are raised without their mothers as they are in the USA earning a living for the family. The resulting book, Newjack: YA The title refers to the name given to those people who smuggle illegal aliens into the United States.

Jan 30, brian rated it liked it. The Author then spends a great deal of time in villages of workers he has met in central Mexico.

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I wish he’d been more honest about how it was that he explained himself to the Mexicans he encountered — and not just when he was under investigation and could possibly have been tortured.

He makes statements like, “I was probably the most educated person X had ever met,” and “Though there was great poverty, the Mexican side of the border did seem a relatively prosperous place. Jun 15, Alanwalter rated it it was amazing Shelves: Conoger have lost track of the number of people I have recommended this book to. This is the chronicle of his journey.

From the book jacket: It is one of life’s few options.

Vintage; 1st edition August 12, Language: His journalistic journey to become a friend and co-worker with Mexican illegals humanizes the issue of Mexican emigration to the States for work. But as an account of the lives and struggles of illegal immigrants, Coyotes is fascinating and engrossing. Lost in Aspen Of course the immigration issue is a perennial hot-button one.