About the Coralville Transit Intermodal Facility Coralville’s multi-modal. General Information. Transit Information. Coralville: ; Iowa City. Coralville Transit makes reasonable modifications to make services accessible.

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If in doubt, call Regular riders are encouraged to purchase a monthly bus pass, which saves money and offers the convenience of coralviple needing exact fare when boarding the bus.

You can help by following the safety rules, not littering, and reporting any vandalism coralvillee the driver. To maintain the excellent service that is now provided, the system needs your support and assistance.

It’s easy to get around Iowa City and Coralville — even if you don’t have a car or you prefer to leave it at home.

Iowa Department of Transportation – Office of Public Transit

For route information, call the number listed above. Drivers make every effort to operate on schedule; however, slight variations can occur. Through your continued patronage it can be even better.

To avoid the rush and to enjoy the maximum comfort and convenience, ride the bus:. Monday through Friday routes operate from 6 a.

Free transfers are issued to allow passengers to make a complete one-way trip from one part of town to another. Monday through Friday and from 6: For further information consult the schedule or call Transit Information: If you find a lost coalville, please give it to the driver. For further information about the airport call or Saturday service runs from 6: Your support and assistance in the past has made the Coralville Transit System one of the best in the state.


Louis, Missouri intersects with Interstate 80 just west of Coralville. For questions, Click Here.

City of Coralville Transit

Iowa City transfers and monthly passes are honored by the Coralville Transit System, and Iowa City honors transfers and monthly passes from Coralville.

SafeRide Service — A late-night service operated Friday and Saturday nights during the fall and spring academic periods.

Iowa City Transit tdansit service to Iowa City and University Tranit on 14 routes using modern, air-conditioned buses. The bus route is shown on the front and side scrolls of each bus. Schedules and maps are available here on all buses and throughout the campus. Drivers make every effort to operate on schedule, however, slight variations can occur. Cambus provides three levels of service throughout the year — academic, interim, and summer. Many of the buses operate at capacity loads during the early morning and late afternoon.

Iowa City Transit operates from 6: If you prefer flying, the closest commercial airport is in Cedar Rapids about 30 minutes away by car. Coralville and Iowa City Transit Systems honor each others monthly passes, but other passes e. Weekend service is provided during the academic periods. Refer to reverse side of transfers for specific rules regarding their use.

All routes originate and terminate in the central downtown transit interchange on Washington Street. Please stand at the curb ahead of the intersection so the bus does not block the intersection.


Night and Saturday – Coralville Transit Routes

The Bionic Bus is a door-to-door, demand-response service that is provided via wheelchair lift-equipped mini-buses. Approximate distances from nearby major cities are click on the small round image for a map:.

Highway planned to run from St. Interested persons should contact the Bionic Bus supervisor for service, eligibility, and scheduling information at the number listed above. Service from Schaeffer Hall to residence halls and “to-the-door” of off-campus residences; With student employees, the colorful yellow Cambusses serve the entire campus.

If you believe you have lost an article on the bus, contact Transit Information at At other times, buses will stop at any intersection along their routes.

Drivers will only stop at the intersections and at locations marked by bus stop signs. Paul, Minnesota to St. Service levels change during these periods for the Red, Blue, and Interdorm routes. The University of Iowa Cambus is a no-fare, fixed-route public transit service that provides frequent intercampus transportation for students, faculty, staff, and the general public.

The Bionic Bus system is a specialized transportation service for faculty, staff, cralville students with disabilities. Coealville Campus Shuttle Route — S. The Coralville Transit System operates full service five days a week, Monday through Friday, connecting the cities of Coralville and Iowa City, with Saturday service hourly all day.