Confluence Markup Cheat Sheet from tgdchmi2. This cheat sheet contains most used markup syntax for Atlassian Confluance, a few often used. Confluence Markup Cheat Sheet by Michael Christen (tgdchmi2) via Attention. (1) . Markup (Wiki Syntax). {quote} Multiple-line quote {quote}. Colored text, {color:green}Colored text{color}. Underlined (inserted) text, +Underlined (inserted) text+. Deleted text, -Deleted.

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This is a short list: The keyboard shortcuts are broken up into 3 categories: The code given here produces a table that looks like: Creates a bookmark anchor inside the page. Make sure there is a space between the hash and your text. Text with superscript Hint: Yes No It wasn’t accurate.

Keyboard shortcuts infographic – you’re welcome. Use double bars for a table heading row. Confluence will convert it to the rich text editor format as you type. A list item with -several lines create a single list.

A numbered list must be in first column. We could give you a list here, but then you’d need to keep referring to this page.


Related content No related content found. Quote a block of text that’s longer than one paragraph. Find the keyboard shortcuts To open the list of keyboard shortcuts in Confluence, do any of the following: Powered by Confluence and Scroll Viewport.

Keyboard shortcuts – Atlassian Documentation

Item 1 Item 2 Item 3. Makes a preformatted block of text with no syntax highlighting. Creates an internal hyperlink to the specified anchor or attachment.

Make sure there is a space between the asterisk and your text. Want a printable sheet of keyboard shortcuts? You cannot edit content in wiki markup. Or something like that. Keyboard shortcuts fall into this basket. Your recruits also need to work fast, so you’ll need to pass this wisdom on to them.

clu2’s notes: Confluence Wiki Markup Langauge cheat sheet

Image tag Details align Available values are ‘left’, ‘right’, ‘bottom’, ‘center’, ‘top’. You can then create links directly to that anchor.

Specifies the width of the image in pixels. There are two ways to make superscripts work, when used directly after another word or character: Embeds an object in a page, taking in a comma-separated of properties. The image is displayed as a thumbnail shwet the page only works with images that are attached to the page.


A second level of hashes will produce a sub-list, such as the alphabetical sub-list shown below. Not often needed, most of the time the wiki renderer will guess new lines for you appropriately. What you’ll see is a dialog listing the available keyboard shortcuts, for your operating system, in Confluence.

What you need to type What you’ll get h1.

Confluence Support

Specifies alternate text for the image, which is displayed when the pointer hovers over the image. Creates a link to an email address, complete mzrkup mail icon. Another point at the third level.