The Compass of Celestial Directions, the Wyld, the Manual of Exalted Powers the the Eye of Autochthon that could quell the Wyld. The. Exalted of the Old. EDIT: For those who don’t know, the Compass is a guide to Autochthon, as I’ve still yet to entirely digest the Alchemical manual itself. On the. The Compass of Terrestrial Directions, the Scavenger Lands, the West, the East, the. South their world-god, or has Autochthon’s flight led only to his demise?.

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Grudgingly, Kejak helped to supernaturally conceal the ckmpass of Uvanavu, Yo-Ping and Luranume behind the alter egos of the Syndics, using refined versions of the same techniques that had earlier broken the Mask. The Division of War is matched by the Division of Peace.

With the sudden growth of the bureaucracy, those gods who were involved with the newly established government of Heaven needed new staff, new offices, new mansions and new fields of influence and were frankly more interested in the government of Heaven than in the abstractions of mortals.

All employees of this Bureau above the menials hold two offices, both as a sub-intendant of a particular month, week, or day and as a deity of some particular weather phenomenon, such as a duke of light showers or a baroness of dust devils.

Movement Charms are illegal if they create any sort of disturbance or even significant amounts of noise. Oh, and even zeppelins, in some areas. She is also aware that to go beyond her scope of competence would result in poor performance and eventual disgrace.

The Bureau of Heaven does not refer to the days when this was not the case; their official position is that they have always been first among equals, or senior toward juniors. Such a mortal might be allowed to leave later and perhaps even take the valuable item with him if the Carnival guardian who discovers the contraband believes his story. The lion dogs and other gods of the Department of Celestial Concerns have their offices and workplaces in the Dwellings of the Stern Maintainers of Divine Order.

Seeing wisdom in this suggestion, the Unconquered Sun charged his Exalted with identifying which mortals should be invited to this convocation. Rich Thomas Production Manager: Taru-Han, Lady of Souls.

Only Ambrosia dedicated to the Unconquered Sun can be forged into orichalcum, and likewise for prayers to the other Incarnae into their favored magical materials.

While specific individuals in the bureaus wield much power, and while all of the bureaus are theoretically authorized to call upon armies of mighty and dangerous spirits to fight their battles and slay their enemies, they are paralyzed by a combination of tradition, a lack of firm direction, and a desire to hoard resources.


Nasamara takes the form of a hawk and flies before battles, announcing them so that all warriors autocython meet them with proper courage, and his forces guard the borders of the North against other war gods. They organize the Carnival of Meeting see p.

Virtually the only thing that prevented outright war was skillful political maneuvering by Chejop Kejak and the other leaders of the Bronze Faction. The celestial lions collect all of these fees, which form the majority of their remuneration.

Drinking only celestial wine and eating only the peaches of immortality, wearing an imperishable panoply and attending no soirees or gatherings, the highest of gods has little need for either Quintessence or Ambrosia himself. A mortal or Exalt who celestiaal a god through the wards out into Yu-Shan can be assaulted, enslaved, killed or even soulforged if her patron so desires or if she compasss her godly patron run afoul of some divine adversary.

The final casualty of the Great Contagion may well have been the unquestioning belief of the gods that the Unconquered Sun would rule justly, rewarding the righteous and punishing the guilty.

While the planning is done by the Celeztial, the implementation is dircetions by other gods. Terrestrial sphere, tria i l sp ia sphe herre the: The Carnival of Meeting, 32 Dawn Byrnes order 1 like all annual holidays and events, fell under the purview of the seasonal gods, but the Bureau of Seasons, unlike the Court of Seasons, had actual work to do and successfully augochthon off what its leaders considered tedious social planning on their Terrestrial counterparts. The more obvious of these attempts end dramatically—the directors of the Bureau of Seasons have no qualms about using the Aerial Legion to defend their position.

Although some of the hardliners insisted on a course of continued aggression, cooler heads finally prevailed in Yu-Shan, and the Celestial Court turned to diplomacy in dealing with its rebellious Terrestrial kin.

He is also one of the Syndics of Whitewall, though few directlons Heaven know of this. Important Celestial personages invariably send servants to collect Quintessence for their households. Once an elemental has risen to become a lesser elemental dragon, if she is wise, she will eschew further spiritual evolution.

The Compass of Celestial Directions, Vol.3: Yu-Shan (Exalted RPG)

By their very natures, no DragonBlood ever will. Indeed, there is much social stigma attached to even appearing offended at an insult received during the Carnival, even insults that could get the speaker audited to death in any other context. This period of construction was referred to as the Glorious Heavenly Rebirth. In contrast to the way they treat the Bureau of Seasons, most of the Celestial divinities treat the members of the Court of Seasons as impoverished but regal nobility.


As a result, Taru-Han provides the other deities in the Department with little oversight but is constantly on guard for any deities who seem to be challenging her position. So, what makes the book so good? These and other deities have abstracts as their domains that are also common to animals and non-human entities and gain power from those entities as well. While the Incarnae only invite their closest allies to play the Games more than once, there are so many gods in Yu-Shan that it would take centuries for every god to have a turn, even if the Incarnae actively tried to share the experience with everyone.

For the first few decades after the Contagion, the seasonal daimyos kept strictly to this pattern, and the weather was perfectly consistent from one year to the next.

Good Deeds Gone Unpunished! In his weakened state, Ryzala forced him to step down as head of the Department. All characters, names, places and text herein are copyrighted by CCP hf.

The Compass of Celestial Directions, Vol Yu-Shan (Exalted RPG) – PDF Free Download

Thirty-thousand square miles of Creation winked out of existence within just the first few minutes, assimilated back into the Wyld from which it had been conjured. The most comprehensive reports pertaining to the origins of the Primordials, Creation and Yu-Shan are, unfortunately, contained within forbidden and apocryphal texts most commonly associated with the rites of various Yozi cults.

The clouds are perfectly silent and neither produce breezes that might disturb those nearby nor permit any winds to disarrange those who travel on them. Games of Divinity, the: Centuries later, while on a sojourn in Creation, the eldest, most powerful, and most respected of the lesser elemental dragons of earth, the Kukla, refined his essence to the point that he spontaneously attained an even more powerful form, becoming the first greater elemental dragon.

Although the storms were powerful, they were mercifully brief, and the casualties were limited From the perspective of most Terrestrial gods, YuShan had abandoned them. The game played by the Incarnae within the Jade Pleasure Dome.

Nobody has yet reported anything to the censors, because nobody wants to give the Bureau of Heaven a chance to interfere, but the undercurrents are unmistakable.