Get 30 Days of Unlimited Online Attempts of CMFAS Module 5 Tutorial and Mock Exam Papers. Instant Access. % Based On Past Year Exam Papers. View Test Prep – M5 Mock from LAW at Murdoch. CMFAS Module 5 Mock Exam CMFAS MODULE 5 4th Edition – July (Reprinted in. Chapter 5 – MAS Notices – Part II [Notice Nos:FAA-N02; FAA-N10; FAA-N12; modules under the Capital Markets & Financial Advisory Services (CMFAS) Upon passing the examination for this module, you are entitled to 2 CPD Hours.

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To be honest, if u only do that, it is unlikely to pass. Many questions are quite logical which doesn’t require to read the textbook. Because they only provide one mock paper. Unknown June 27, at 8: SianzBoy August 7, at 6: Make sure u do the e-Mock Paper mocule by SCI, so that u cmfae the style of questions that will be set. Kat January 30, at Which of the following is a strategy of Outcome One of Fair Dealing?


Follow-up on the above posting dated 24 Oct: Belle Monroe June 27, at 1: My final vmfas is to at least read thoroughly the whole textbook once. I would advise to at least try the e-Mock paper. I am taking my M5 soon, any tips?

Module 5 Exam Details | CMFAS Academy – CMFAS, FMRP, CACS Exam Questions and E-Learning Courses

This type of questions would be hard to just plainly use logic. At least at the end of the exam, I do not feel that my cmvas is drained.

Module 5, 9, HI are recommended for starters. I have 5 mock papers for m5 on hand now.

Module 5 (M5) – Rules And Regulations For Financial Advisory Services

So must at least get close to all correct for the mock paper. As I am a very last min person when comes to studying. Hi, I’m having m5 on Monday and following week for m9 and m9a.

Unknown October 19, at 1: However there were a significant number of questions which required some level of memorizing from the textbook, e. Can I just memorise the answers for the mock papers and skip the text book? Hope you will be able to pass the next round. I wrote my own notes as i read the book. Definitely at least 2 weeks is required. Do not just memorise the answer.


Unknown July 31, at Important is to understand the principles behind these methods. Labels all 70 Korea Trip 14 Korean Language 11 thoughts 6. I also tried the SCI’s e-mock. Please email me at royex59gunz hotmail. Around 10 similar questions came up. May I ask another question. Kat June 29, at 9: Kat Neo September 20, at 8: Hence, it is important to be very sure of the differences of such plans because some questions would ask you to recommend which plans to recommend. Ankit Jain October 8, at 3: Kat June 28, at 5: Appreciate if you could share any advise.