Hace 4 días PDF | Healing of surgical wounds through the Mölndal technique. Una herida es una lesión física que causa una ruptura en la estructura del cuerpo. Many translated example sentences containing “cicatrización de heridas” – English-Spanish dictionary and search engine for English translations.

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In other hand, based on traditional medicine have improved wound healing with animal oil. Witte MB, Barbul A. Wister mice were used in which a block of tissue was excised, and were afterward infected with Escherichia coli.

Revista de la Facultad de Medicina

A high osmolarity, acidity, and hydrogen peroxide content confer honey with antibacterial properties. Blood Cells Mol Dis. These findings suggest that honey applied topically on cutaneous wounds accelerates the healing processes and appears to have an important property that makes it ideal as a dressing for cutaneous wounds.

An editorial note assigned honey to the category of “worthless but harmless substances” Herida. IBN Publindex Publindex is a Colombian bibliographic index for classifying, updating, rating and certifying scientific and heridss publications. Bioelectric potentials – Their source, recording and significance. Electrical fields in wound healing- An overriding signal that directs cell migration.


This study showed that honey more than animal oil accelerates healing of full thickness wound of skin in mice. The increased interest in complementary therapies has led to the investigation of products traditionally believed to have a beneficial effect in wound healing.


The validity of the clinical signs and symptoms used to identify localized chronic wound infection. Electrical stimulation and wound healing. The alter of intrinsic or extrinsic factors can lead to chronic wounds, as is evidenced in changes of the skin bioelectrical behavior and its dielectric properties.

Understanding and Managing Oncologic Emergencies: La herida puede estar debajo de la piel, puede afectar la superficie de la piel solamente o puede afectar la piel sobre la superficie y debajo de esta. A comparison of wound healing following treatment with Lavandula x allardii honey or essential oil.

Honey has been reported to reduce inflammation Yang,edema and exudation Subrahmanyam, The findings of this study showed that formation of granulation tissue, density and activation of fibroblasts, keratinization in surface of wound and thickness of basement membrane and epidermis in Honey treatment group was more than animal oil group.

Experimental study of decubitus ulcer formation in the rabbit ear lobe.

However, there is a tendency for some practitioners to dismiss out of hand any suggestion that treatment with honey is worthy of consideration as a remedy in modern medicine. I Honey has high sugar content.

American Cancer Society, In order to do this, animals evolved a sophisticated mechanism of wound healing to quickly plug the gap, re-epithelialize over the defect and rapidly replace the lost dermis with new matrix.


Enoch S, Leaper DJ. Thus it helps skin regenerate, making plastic surgery unnecessary Efem, ; Hejase et al. Microscopic features of wounds on day 4. The study of sections included; 1 cicartizacion pathology for the presence of infections, dehiscence and repair; 2 histological evaluations of wound site for the degree of healing.

It is currently being managed in Colombia by the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Expression of matrix-metalloproteinases and their inhibitors in the wounds of diabetic and non-diabetic patients.

Effects of topical application of honey on burn wound. Pervious reports have shown usage of honey, focused on the treatment of shallow wounds such as from burn injury or superficial ulcers Harris, ; Misirlioglu et al. Many of the authors reporting the use of honey as a dressing on infected wounds attribute its effectiveness at least partly to its antibacterial properties Farouk cicatrzacion al.

Cicatrices y heridas

These results are similar to other studies Efem, ; Subrahmanyam, ; Subrahmanyam, ; Wadi et al. After fixation, routine processes of tissue preparation including dehydration, clearing and infiltration was performed.

In addition, dressings with honey can be changed relatively infrequently. Normal Cutaneous Wound Healing: