1 Source ANIA – L’assicurazione italiana nel , page , with some companies as anticipated by the related CCNL (National. CCNL: the National Collective Labour Contracts stipulated by ANIA and the trade union associations most . /, by Law 69/ and by. Symbol, CCNL1, contributors: mct/pgu – updated: cyclin L ania-6a. cyclin L gamma. Synonym symbol(s), BM, CCNL, PRO, ania-6a.

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Associazione Nazionale fra le Imprese Assicuratrici (ANIA)

Having implemented a new regulation concerning its organisational structure, IVASS became 20112 active. The Executive Remuneration Review. The Franchise Law Review. Two novelties have been introduced by the new legislation: Quite often in Italian policy wording there is a provision for the loss adjustment of the claim whereby the parties or their experts should negotiate the amount of the loss and the level of the indemnity.

No specific sanction is provided for wrongful denial of a claim, but because litigation usually follows, the court might award interests for late payment provided for by Legislative Decree No.

On 1 JanuaryIVASS took over all functions previously carried out by ISVAP, including the supervision of intermediaries and the distribution of insurance products for better coordination between the control aniw regulation of the financial promoters.

With this new alternative dispute resolution, the parties, with the assistance of one or more lawyers acting as facilitator, should try to negotiate a solution to their existing controversy within a period of three months. In exceptional and very limited cases, when the policyholder or insured entity remains inactive where there is a risk that the right to indemnity will be time-barred, a third party may 212 subrogation 34 assume the aina of the insured and claim the insurance coverage.

Third parties are not usually privy to the insurance contract, and have no right to make a claim and enforce it in a court of justice. This provision provided for all professionals to take out a professional indemnity insurance contract by 13 August with the exception of physicians and lawyers.

In Italian litigation, costs follow the event; therefore, the losing party shall bear on top of its own costs the successful party’s costs and court costs, including the cost of expertise, the court duties and the register tax on the judgment. In addition, there are terms that are considered legal but onerous for the party against which these are drafted. Si elencano di seguito alcune fra le principali tematiche seguite attualmente da ANIA: This situation was reversed by the Decree Law No.

Article 36 of Decree-Law No. The Jobs Act and the two Decrees came into ccjl on 1 March The Class Actions Law Review. The register of insurance experts and the Italian Information Centre 5 have been taken away from the insurance regulator’s competence and passed on to the Concessionaire for Public Aina Services.


Report Inaccuracy Your name. The Lending and Secured Finance Review. A basic familiarity with international product liability is essential to doing business in this environment. Further exceptions to the aforementioned rule are found in the special provisions of Law No.

It is evident that, despite the difficulties in relaunching the internal economy, Italy remains a fertile ground for insurance underwriters, and provides interesting ccnk for prudent insurers and reinsurers especially in the newly developing cyber and data protection insurance markets. A further aspect that should positively impact the insurance sector is that Directive No.

The government, which originally also considered dissolving the Commission for the Supervision of Pension Funds COVIPthe regulator for pension funds, at the very last minute introduced an amendment to the Spending Review Decree and chose to keep COVIP, as its dissolution would not have reduced government expenditure. In particular, Article of the Insurance Code obliges IVASS to ensure compliance with the principles of clarity, recognition, transparency and fairness of advertising and information on the conformity of the insurance contract with the advertising and in the pre-contract negotiations with the information notice znia the execution of the insurance contract policy conditions.

These positive factors continue to be offset by the higher risks inherent in the investment portfolios of life insurance companies, given the significant concentration of government bonds and cdnl debt, a reflection of the strong relationship between the rating of the insurance sector and the anix one.

Despite this positive environment, the negative trend of motor premiums may negatively influence the whole non-life sector.

The Transfer Pricing Law Review. The dates of all hearings are set ex officio by the judge depending on his or her workload. This trend will continue throughout because interest rates are at their lowest point in decades.

If you’re a human, don’t change the following field Enter your name Your first name. For some life products such as pension funds and some life policies, the index-linked products are subject to the supervision and control not only of IVASS but also of the Commission for the Supervision of Pension Funds. Afterthe date on which Solvency II came into effect, IVASS concentrated its regulatory activity more on the insurers’ profitability and capitalisation, followed by a letter to the market on 10 August better illustrating how to determine the capital requirement using the standard formula, as well as the look-through approach dictated by Regulation No.

The Public Competition Enforcement Review. Such insurance is provided through the National Federation of the Hunters; and b the obligation to pay a small premium to the Italian Gas Committee for the policy it annually draws up against the risks arising from the use or abuse of the gas distributed via networks or pipelines by the different national public utilities companies regardless of whether they are publicly or privately owned.


Domotics home automation and new health insurances are currently rarely sold, but those products are expected to take off in the next five years to counter new risks posed by the ‘internet of things’ at home and the constant reduction of resources available to the National Health Service. In the case of a merger, the entire operation, the relevant arrangements, and the new memorandum and articles of incorporation must be presented to and reviewed by the insurance regulator, which can make observations to ensure conformity with the law and to guarantee the insured.

The Government Procurement Review. The economy is rapidly recovering from the financial crisis, even if the political election poses a risk of political instability at both national local and regional level, creating a further challenge for all industries, and for the financial one in particular, to overcome.

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Associazione Nazionale fra le Imprese Assicuratrici (ANIA) | LobbyFacts Database

In conclusion, the insurance market and, as a consequence, the reinsurance market, are expected ajia benefit from all these changes throughout When all the defences are lodged in court, these are discussed by the judge who will determine which evidence is relevant for the case, and hence admissible; in the same court order, the judge will decide if independent expertise is necessary.

The list below only covers meetings held since November with commissioners, their cabinet members or directors-general at the European Commission; other lobby meetings with lower-level staff may have taken place, but the European Commission doesn’t publish information about such meetings.

Should an insurance or reinsurance company enter into serious financial difficulties, Articles to of the Private Insurance Code provide for the administrative compulsory winding up of insolvent or financially troubled insurance and reinsurance companies.

In Italy, there are two forms of arbitration: Once notified of such claim, the liability insurer can decide to defend the third-party claim on behalf of the insured. This regulation lays down rules and minimal requirements to promote more effective management of insurance e-commerce or services offered electronically through insurance portals or the website aia insurance and reinsurance companies.