3/2 solenoid valves – Flow control valves – Valve islands -. Accessories · GO AHEAD. Series pipe fittings. Fittings threads: metric. Pneumatic Components for Industrial Automation. Camozzi Catalogue.

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Series LR digital proportional servo valves. Solenoid valves – Pneumatic valves. Series QN short-stroke cylinders.

Catalogo C_Fluid Control

Series ST Stopper cylinders. Tables for the use of sensors. Series DRWS drives for the control of electric actuation. Side clamping bracket Mod. Series 62 cylinders – Aluminium profile. Interface plate – profile on slider. PM Protection class IP Electropneumatically actuated valve, monostable – size 10,5.

Series CGLN wide opening parallel grippers. Series PL directly operated solenoid valves. Series L and LT quick-release couplings for the conditioning of moulds for plastics. Series MD activated carbon filters.


Series 45 anti-rotation guide units. Elastomer coupling with expansion shaft Mod.

CGPT gripper, size 25 mm – dimensions. Kit to fix the inductive sensor.

Bistable pneumatic valve with outlets on sub-base – size CGSN gripper, bore 32 mm – dimensions. Cylinders Series 90 – through-rod. Slot nut 6 for cataalogo insertion. Series PR precision regulators – dimensions. Self aligning rod Mod. Manifold bars with separate exhausts high version. Single body for Series K8 solenoid valve. F for profile cylinders. Manifold bars with separate exhausts low version.

Cables for Brushless MTB motors. Electropneumatic valve, monostable with outlets on sub-base – s. CGSN gripper, bore 20 mm – dimensions.

Mounting brackets for DIN-rail Mod. Cables for Stepper MTS motors. Tie-rods for assembling kit C. Series 31 compact cylinders. Basic logic valves “Memory”. Pressure switches and vacuum switches. Pneumatic foot operated pedal Series 2.

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Series MTB motors for electric actuation. Cylinders Series 31 – multi-position version. Cable with straight female connector M12 8 poles. Pressure regulators Series MX – dimensions.


Cylinders Series 31 – Tandem version. Minicylinders Series 16, 24 and 25 – through-rod. CGLN gripper, bore 32 mm – dimensions. Manifold bases with comm. Series PN directly operated solenoid catalovo. Mounting bracket for DIN rail. Series 52 rodless cylinders. Take off blocks Series MC. Hydrocheck refilling pump Mod.

Camozzi Products area – Homepage

Kit to connect the gearbox – enhanced series. Series 69 rotary cylinders. Series AP directly operated proportional valves. Series MD take-off blocks.