Spatial Hearing: The Psychophysics of Human Sound LocalizationbyJens Blauert. Spatial Hearing: The Psychophysics of Human Sound Localization by Jens Blauert. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 77, ();. Sound Localization. Jens Blauert. MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 42 7 pp. Price $ Spatial Hearing bridges the gap that separates primarily.

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One kind is the hearing we are born with Other editions – View all Spatial Hearing: Thus it is all the more a pleasure to acclaim the author of this first comprehensive monograph, and to recognize how successful he has been in his lucid organization and presentation of so much information. My library Help Advanced Book Search.

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The Psychophysics of Human Sound Localization. Its study involves the overlap of acoustics, hearnig, psychophysics, physiology, medicine, engineering, architectural design, and musical analysis, and its applications include Part 4 Progress and trends since Part 2 Spatial hearing with one sound source: The book also includes an extensive and up to date bibliography.

Spatial Hearing : Jens Blauert : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Orlowski Applied Acoustics There are two kinds of hearing. This revised edition adds a new chapter that describes developments in such areas as auditory virtual reality an important field of application that is based mainly on the physics of spatial hearingbinaural technology modeling speech enhancement by binaural hearingand spatial sound-field mapping.


Its study involves the overlap of acoustics, psychology, psychophysics, physiology, medicine, engineering, architectural design, and musical analysis, and its applications include the blaueft of speaker systems, concert halls and other interiors, and the development of noise-reduction systems. It is a technically thorough, clearly presented review of almost everything known about that subject.

Account Options Sign in. Acoustics for Communication Jens Blauert. A comprehensive, thorough, and easily readable survey of all the important work that has been done on the theories of hearing.

The Journal of the Institute for Radio Engineering wrote of the first edition that “the literature in this field is so fragmented and scattered that it is virtually inaccessible to most audio engineers, telecommunications technicians, and others for whom it is of vital interest. This book updates and expands an interdisciplinary survey and text first published in Germany in A new fourth chapter has been added to this edition, reviewing work done since The remaining four chapters in this comprehensive reference cover auditory research procedures and psychometric methods, spatial hearing with one sound source, spatial hearing with multiple sound sources and in enclosed spaces, and progress and trends from the first German edition to the first English edition — work that includes research on the physics of the external ear, and the application of signal processing theory to modeling the spatial hearing process.

Spatial hearing refers to the capacity of listeners to infer information about direction and distance from auditory signals. No eBook available Amazon.


The richness of this auditory space, much of it based on cues at or below the edge of conscious awareness, is explored in great detail by a distinguished expert in spxtial hearing. Communication Acoustics Jens Blauert. It includes material on the physics of the external ear, monoaural and interaural attributes of ear input signals, and applications to architectural acoustics and “dummy-head” stereophony.

MIT Press- Medical – pages.

The chapter also includes recent research on the precedence effect that provides clear experimental evidence that cognition plays a significant role in spatial hearing. Part 5 Progress and trends since Read, highlight, and take heaing, across web, tablet, and phone.

The other kind of hearing is learned, and develops as an elaborate form of pattern recognition in which the ear and brain cooperate There is an extensive bibliography of more than items.

Spatial Hearing

The field of spatial hearing has exploded in the decade or so since Jens Blauert’s classic work on acoustics was first published in English. Communication Acoustics Jens Blauert Inbunden. Part 3 Spatial hearing with multiple sound heariny and in enclosed spaces: