V-TONE GMXH/GMX/GMX/GMX/GMX Manual de uso. Índice . Instrucciones .. nuestra página web, behringer. com y leer completamente. User manual for the device Behringer V-TONE GMX Online user manual database. Summary of Contents of owner’s manual for Behringer GMX 2 V-TONE GMXH/GMX/GMX/GMX/GMX User Manual Table of Contents .

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Did you find this review helpful? Recent Popular Answered Unanswered. I’ll be having a lot of fun using it. Otherwise, it features a 24bit multi-effects. Refer to page 9 of your user manual for this information.

Behringer Guitar Effects Pedals. Pricing is matching the product quality. If they don’t have it in stock expect to wait months.

Answered on Dec 23, That’s not too bad of a price for a pretty versatile practice in. It’s a simple 60 W amplifier that has to Independent channels. Not finding what you are looking for?

I don’t think I ever had to crack open the manual. I would use a proper adapter from behringer. Having two channels in creating a melody is very helpful. The effect numbers used to light up intermittently.

Behringer GMX212 Musical Instrument User Manual

It has a trunk and a fishery that can easily make the scene. Posted on Apr 08, Be the first to answer.

I was looking for an amp with good clean sound. Your manual failed to upload It seems fairly solid- although I would never knock around a guitar amp needlessly. I have a behringer Gmx12 and it works and sounds great for small gigs, so I figured I’d try one of there amps. So, if you set the gain at 6, and in moving the amp, the knob gets moved, it will stay moved until you put it back.


For the money, you cannot beat it Analog modeling is like a SansAmp GT2 pedal with a soft-clipping, dynamically responsive power amp behind it. It is aimed at “do it yourself” questions.

With the processor continually reset, the unit appeared to be inoperative. Are you a Behringer Music Expert? Using an LFO, the pitch of the effect signal is somewhat Plate: Loudspeaker outputs are automatically muted as soon as youactivate the tuner or connect a set of headphones seesection 5. It selects the channel 2 identical on which selected the type of modeling using a small switch like the Sansamp: Compared to Studio Reverb, this reverb is livelier and has richer highs.

For a high school kid, it might be a good first amp for playing with friends, considering the low cost. The small delay in the ignition switch is a little annoying at first, but after you adapt and it manages as Richard Got to say I like what I see or rather hear so far. Our primary goal during development was to simulate the typical sounds of analog guitar amp Summary of the content on the page No.

Behringer V-Tone GMX Manuals

I’ve used mine for a decade without a single problem. Another good thing about this amp is very neutral if its attack directly the power amp with a multi-effects modeling type Pod, Maunal or Zoom G2.


For cons, the volume is lower than other simulation. Certainly you can do that and I’m sure that people do but this amplifier is not geared towards the awesome tone that many tube amplifiers can provide.

Most Popular Question need know part number tmx212 input Music. This is an awesome amp for any style, any skill level, any situation. If its not it will introduce all sorts of noise. The 2 Jensen speakers kick too.

For cons, the Wah is really rotten and rotary fairly average. Our primary goal during development was to simulate the typical kanual of analog guitar amp. Trending Price New.

Behringer V-TONE GMX user manual – – Solve your problem

After the switch is done, the preset is assure its integration into the overall mix. The manual is quite clear to one who understands quickly, and there is a defect in recurrent Behringer, textbooks are designed to be read maunal the person who wrote This way, you can connect an external guitar preampor modeling amp e. I used one at home for practice, recording, jamming ect.