Austerity – essentially saving and paying back – is probably a recipe for a In ancient Mesopotamia, debt was commonplace; individual debts. Posts about Back to Mesopotamia written by aurelius Ways Out Of The Crisis”” where The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) helped explain. In Back to Mesopotamia? a now prescient report by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) published in September it was argued that, while.

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Addressing the fundamental issues of the US Economy. Moreover the inflation “solution” while becoming more tempting, may come to be seen as having economic and social implications that are too unpalatable.

Back to Mesopotamia | Global Geopolitics

There is a striking similarity between the US and Japan in mesopotwmia development of stock and real estate prices See chart below. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Rome was no better see picture below.

First, the preamble from the old ZH post: To what measures might they have to resort? Just look at the girl in the featured image; her charming eyes … and the garbage around her. This site uses cookies. It is also about minimizing corruption.

Wealth Tax: Back to Mesopotamia [ paper by BCG] | Late Monsoons…

And in our view, some of the actions described above might be pursued by the US government if things do not improve soon. ZEPP zero poverty policy should be the new macro target. In other words, the slate would be wiped clean. As Warren Buffet explicitly admits, he does not get taxed enough. It is likely that wiping out the debt overhang will be at the heart of any solution.

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Citizens must resign themselves to paying off the debt. The would not be popular, and they would require broad political coordinate and leadership — something that politicians have replaced up til now with playing for time, in spite of a deteriorating outlook.

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Periodically, on the ascendancy of a new monarch, debts would be mesopotamiz. This site uses cookies. Politicians and central bankers still do not agree on the full scale of the crisis and are therefore placing too much hope on easy solutions.

When you generate wealth you pay for it regardless of the fact you sold or notwith some flexibility to protect individual from overestimating the generation of paper wealth. Large companies generate negative externalities. We have a lot of work to do the day after.

Public deficits mask supply side or income distribution inefficiencies, and money ends up in the pockets of the large companies Kalecki profit equation. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Good luck, politicians and holders of financial assets, you will need it because after Denial comes Anger, and only long after does Acceptance finally arrive. And the supply of homes is still in excess by 1.

Good luck, politicians and holders of financial assets, you will need it because after Denial comes Anger, and only long after does Acceptance finally arrive. We cannot tax the act of hiring somebody. All I say is that the same income should be generated with a lower tax rate, both on material mesopotamka paper gains, instead of only taxing the former.


To what measures might they have to resort? In spite of massive intervention by the Fed and the US government, growth remains anemic The deleveraging of private households will have to go on for many years The real estate market has not yet stabilized. There is no other way out. But some facts would need to be acknowledged before decisive action could be taken:. And about outsized salaries and stock option payments to the company executives.

Creditors, and junk bond holders, please check with your cardiologist before reading further. Tax rates are too high, and total tax incomes are too high. Just look at the numbers.

And effectively sell what is produced by it, or change the sectorial weighting. Data for the US. We believe that some politicians and central bzck — in spite of protestations to the contrary — have been trying to solve the crisis by creating sizable inflation, largely because the alternatives are either not attractive or not feasible:.

Be sure to have a coat at hand. We will surely make new mistakes, but hopefully, we shall learn from the past ones.