The Royal Museum (Old Istana Negara), Kuala Lumpur Picture: balai rong seri, the imperial hall with the throne – Check out TripAdvisor. Picture of Balai Rong Seri of Istana Negara, Royal Museum, Malaysia. The hall was used for official and customary functions include ceremonial occasions of. Balairong Seri. Building. Kuala Kangsar. Save. Share. Tips · Photos 1. Balairong Seri. No tips and reviews. Log in to leave a tip here. Post.

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Interactive Royal Museum Report | Sim Hamim –

The marketing strategy development will focus more on the marketing bapairong that often crucial in hospitality and tourism industry; which include; product, price, place, promotion, people, process and physical evidence.

Sign In We’re Sorry! Plus, get free weekly content and more. Wheelchair ramp will be added at the walkway for handicapped friendly. Therefore, well implementation and execution of the event should be taken seriously to ensure it looks smooth and flawless in order to preserve the ceremony itself as well as the image of our Malay monarchy. With this, we are expecting the crowd will be more manageable.

The museum will maintain good physical evidence in order to maximize visitor or tourist receipts. The reenactment will be executed on selected days only to create the exclusive and privilege moment. Visitor will have more satisfaction to be able to see the items that usually used by royal families in the palace and even during their ceremony.

Flyer and brochures will use as part of promotion mix which is locate it at arrival hall of airport and center of public transport area which details consist not only normal exhibition but will highlight about all innovation that aeri museum offered and all flyers and sri will be in three major language used in Malaysia which are Bahasa Melayu, Mandarin and Tamil besides English.

Log In Sign Up. Thus, from that point of view, some innovation actions of old palace will turn the palace into an interactive royal museum as a new tourist destination. In here, there is division of area which royal inauguration enact will be done for the visitors to enjoy and experience it at maximum satisfaction. Nevertheless, to fulfill main objective this more towards preservation and educational, financial support also has grown keener.


Thus, this innovation is a conceptual project enhancing the Royal Museum as an interactive museum through development of additional attractions and activities, as well as services and facilities in the museum compound. New destination like this, indirectly allow boosting up tourist receipt. After that, visitor will transfer to next building which is the Balairong Seri.

These following clothes are strictly not allowed as outer garments for both ladies and gentlemen: Interactive Royal Museum Report.

Balairong Seri

In order to ensure all those services and products offered running smoothly, strong cooperation between the museum and other agencies is needed. Costume for example a common classical Malay attire for men consists of baju shirt or tekug a type of bslairong long sleeve shirtbaju rompi vestkancing buttona small leg celana trousersa sarong worn around the waist, capal sandaland a tanjak or tengkolok headgear ; for the aristocrats, the baju sikap or baju laying a type of coat and pending ornamental belt buckle are also synonymous to be worn.

Promotion is crucial part of marketing mix. Already have an account? Most of monarchy countries, for instance British and Thailand, their royalty have their own way of having enthronement and they showcase it nicely and share the joyful with tourist in their own palace.

In line with the above notion, the main objective of this innovation is to preserve our local royal heritage and customs and traditions for future generation. For bakairong strategies, beside the usage of DMOs and TAs, the museum also will promote through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and etc.

The uniqueness of the ceremony need to preserve well in order to make new generation and international understand the beauty of it. Entrance ticket will be charge separately upon walk-in.

Last but not least setting E is at the pool side.

Further added facility that can be done in this center is providing video with narrator to make it more interactive. Ready To Do More? The interactive royal museum is located in strategic location.


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Tuesday, Thursday and Weekend Saturday and Sunday are segi day of ceremony that will be undertaken. As for the promotion, the museum authorized parties also will utilize all communication mix and mediums to achieved maximum reach, frequency and impact. The importance of preserving the Royal historical elements, heritage and customs will also be highlighted. Start Here No thanks. Museum also will hire a professional caterer which is familiar and an expert in Malay cuisine to prepare all the food and drinks.

Something went wrong, please try again. These instrumental will be used during the welcoming live cultural performance. Enhancement based on heritage and historical value preservation, as well as commercially sustainable approach can generate tourism expenditures and educational resources.

Balairong Seri Istana Syarqiyyah on Instagram • Photos and Videos

From the detailing explained and the marketing strategy write-up on the tourism destination innovation of Royal Museum transformation into Istana Negara Interactive Royal Museum: Rolled up sleeved shirts 6.

Its orchestra includes nehara, gendang, nafiri, serunai and sometimes gong and a pair of cymbals Wikipedia, To relate with a destination, it can also defined as to increase the efficiency, improve quality, implement best practices, and deliver increase performance by having a group of vision people in managing the sites; activity, events and service, well planned event to liven up the surrounding, implement appropriate rules to consistently maintain the image of destination and execute the best marketing strategies to attract visitors to that destination with cooperation from local tour operators, travel agencies and DMOs.

Saved one filter Removed from saved filters. This event basically include of changing guard ceremony in main entrance with the guard horse as well as the enthronement in Balairong Seri.