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Always place something soft a towel or foam cushion under it. M Main Menu 1. You can replace it now. Information about the disc type is send to the MPEG application back-end.

This sequence is done twice – first a coarse calibration, followed by a fine-tuning. It contains logic for: Power Servo Board It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Avoid direct exposure to beam. Before starting the measurement, connect the power supply to the dagasheet board via connectorand the PC interface cable to the Service Interface connector of the ‘test recorder’.

During recording, the drive’s laser follows this groove, to ensure consistent spacing of data in a spiral track. This section describes briefly the functional behaviour of the engine. The last line allows the daatasheet to choose between the three possible interface forms.


Disk motor and hall elements: Tolerance Unit -5 I Neg. Spindle Motor Off 3. Table Table of derived supply voltages. This signal is only used during recording, and therefore has no effect on the playback process.

DVD-Video Recorder DVD+RW Basic Engine – Page de test

The supplies can be delivered separately to obtain maximum output performance of the TZA in environments with large and highly dynamic current flows. These are the analogue and digital power supplies and a local power supply for the laser driver function. Place the DVD-Module, with the laser facing downwards, on a soft surface. Power Transistors RF Transistor. When after a while, the radial actuator drifts away, the capture point crawls a bit further on the hall sine.

Terms of Sale Terms of Use. Mesh the teeth of the sledge motor and sledge rack properly, during mounting of the sledgemotor assy. Activate the terminal emulation program and check that the port settings for the free COM port are: A normal DC motor is used, combined with hall sensors. Now you can access the DVD-Module. It corrects asymmetry, performs noise filtering and equalisation, and finally recovers the bit clock and data from the channel using a digital PLL.


BAFP,BAFP,BAFP-YE2,BAFVM-TR,The Ic Datasheet,Price –

This number is the input of the command mode. The writing clock as obtained from this groove is very accurate. Printed Wiring Board 6. Safety regulations require that after a repair, you must return the unit in its original condition. Alignments No alignments necessary 9.

It reads from and writes data onto the disc. They drive the motor IC item Flip the module degrees and pull out the tray [2]. Menu interface only for Digiboard Empress. Point the laser up towards the traywhen you mount the DVD-M in the bracket. The easiest way to do this is to push down the two fixation pins of the clamp via the holes in the PWB by means of a pencil or small screwdriver.

BA5938FM Datasheet

Nuclei Error Codes 5. To reduce this time, the recorder has been equipped with Diagnostic and Service software DS. Please refer to the service manual of the set for the nucleus overview of Digital Board Chrysalis. Service engineers are only allowed to exchange the sledge motor assy.