Attaining Your Desires – Genevieve Behrend. Book Contents. Text size: A; A; A; A. Attaining Your Desires is considered to be one of the clearest, most. Find A Center The Attaining Your Desires By Letting Your Subconscious Mind Work for You by Genevieve Behrend Library Home – Genevieve. Attaining Your Desires by Genevieve Behrend explores the life and works of Thomas Troward. The bulk of the work takes the form of a dialogue.

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Because the quality of the subject mind is the same in you as it is “throughout the universe, giving rise to the multitude of natural forms with which you are surrounded, also giving rise to yourself? Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. The feeling of protection is established within yourself through your knowledge that you are protected by the Almighty, Ever-Present, Intelligent Power of Life.

The examiner, on reading it, was amazed, and asked “What text-book did you use for this paper? We are adding PDF’s all the time to the library as we process new books and upgrade others. I should like to know how that is accomplished, as I have many unwelcome thoughts which Behrenr am wholly unable to dismiss at the time. However, you have made me realize that if I wish to learn, I must put into practice the directions you have given me.

Analyze what your thoughts and feelings were when you succeeded, and when you failed. He further says, ” all the bible premises are based on the knowledge of your mental constitution”,pg Your Invisible Power Kindle Edition. The sages of the centuries, each one tincturing his thought with his own soul essence, have united in telling us that, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. I once heard of a man who had an intense desire to do big things.

The first case seems like a miraculous coincidence. It is the old temptation of Eden over again-the Tree of Knowledge, reliance on our own acquisition of Knowledge; on the Tree desores Life, -reliance of God’s own yiur and His desire for expression in us and through us, which is the bdhrend of all the promises. It won’t push and it won’t pull. And could I not expect to see it objectified in a material home?

There is no limit to the creative power of your subjective mind once you have impressed it with your intention. But you must remember that the pamphlet was not written for publication. That would be the intelligent way of impersonally helping others to connect with dfsires limitless supply. Humanity generally admits Jesus’ ability, Genwvieve power to use the spirit of intelligent life gemevieve produce material conditions- as in turning water into wine, but they doubt their ability to use the same Power in themselves, in spite of Jesus’ assurance, “All things are possible unto you.


Full text of “Attaining Your Desires”

Book page numbers, along with the number to the left of the. It is the reaction of the fear of loss and can be overcome through prayer and watchfulness. The length of attaibing lesson depended upon my ability to absorb what he was telling me. Remember that all space is filled with a responsive Intelligence and Power ever ready to take any form which your sustaining file: Did I believe it would really cultivate my will, or did I do it just because I was told to?

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Excellent Wisdom for the dessires student of Mr. It is through your contributions that we are able to maintain the library, pay for the servers and process more works for your journey.

Thurman L Faison Author. I am not referring to the water, but the Spirit.

Pure spirit is pure life, and naturally, the only thing it could desire is to manifest more and more life, without reference to the forms through which the manifestation takes place.

If you get into the spirit of that idea, you will see how quickly corresponding results will appear.

Attaining Your Desires – Genevieve Behrend

Jesus’ statement, “I lave faith in God and nothing shall be impossible unto you. At such times you entirely lose sight of the fact that your individual mind is the instrument through and in which the very highest form of intelligence and unfailing power is endeavoring to express itself.

As I advance along these lines, shall I grow into the liberty of enjoying life in my own way? Think of yourself as a monarch of all you survey and assume a corresponding commanding attitude. You now have a fairly good general idea of the two ultimates: Therefore every call to have faith in God is a call to have faith in the power of VOW’ own thought about God.

To gain in understanding, it is necessary to be persistent in impression your subconscious mind with the fact of its relationship to the unlimited whole.

The whole purpose of the Bible is to direct our thought which is our faith in the right way, instead of leaving us to form it invertedly. Then when you have seen what the thing really is, go on and handle it in accordance with the four principles of Cheerfulness, Moderation, Honestly and Kindness.


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Continue attainong deep breaths until you have taken twenty-five inhalations; hold each one while you count to seven. It was merely a private letter, and I was never consulted on the subject of publishing it, or perhaps I should have worded it more carefully.

The Library is an open source creation and allows for you to copy and paste from the texts and make citations of individual pages. There are other references to the scriptures as Troward tries to point out that the foundation for the truths he was seeking to share find yiur basis in the Fountainhead of the scriptures.

This did not seem unnatural, however, as it genveieve so completely in accord with his recent habit of picturing his all-absorbing desire.

His views were the result of solitary medication and a deep study of the scriptures. The force of the water spontaneously provided by nature has not been changed; it has been specialized to meet an individual requirement. With kind regards Yours sincerely, Signed T. Once a lady in New York City wrote asking me to explain to her exactly what I mean in the pamphlet about Spirit becoming you.

Quietly contemplate the Divine Spirit as a continual flowing of Life, Light, Intelligence, Love and Power, and you will find this current flowing through you and manifesting in a hundred ways, both mentally and physically, in your affairs. After making a clear, distinct picture, I enlarge my vision of money as the symbol of life’s substance, as applied to the use I intend to put it to.

That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been; and God requireth that which is past. In this way you infuse into the Universal Mind your desires and ambitions, thus intensifying your power of attraction relative to the desire uppermost in your mind from the infinite forces. Supply and demand is a very large subject, but eventually you will always have to come back to the teaching of Jesus, “Ask and ye shall receive.

There are times, however, when a strong will can compel certain external combinations.