Aka: Retrograde Urethrogram, Retrograde Cystourethrogram Catheter placement); Technique: Bedside Emergency Department Procedure (where urology not. Submit. Urologic Conditions; Printable Version · Procedure · After Test · Printable Version · Home · Urologic Conditions · Retrograde Urethrogram; Procedure. PG: Dr. Nasin Usman Moderator: Dr. Balaji J. ASCENDING ANATOMY • Male urethra is to 20 cm in length and divided into: • The.

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The false positive rate was less with sono-urethrogram as compared to ascending urethrogram. This part of the test only shows narrowings involving the middle and lower part of the urethra. Each person should rely on their own urethrogam before making decisions that touch their own interests.

In patients of stricture urethra that are on suprapubic catheter if the proximal bulbous urethral segment is not visualized at the time of voiding cystourethrography, antegrade urethrogram can be done. How are the results of Urethrography interpreted? After the urethrogram is over, you may notice some blood at the tip of your penis. Search other sites for ‘Retrograde Urethrogram’.

A nuclear medicine thyroid scan uses a radioactive medication radiopharmaceutical to take pictures or images of the thyroid gland. Stricture length could not be assessed correctly in 5 patients in AUG group due to complete cut- off.

You may be asked to stand upright or lie in the supine position on your back on a special radiology table. Incontinence can be treated! Damage to the urethra. Often this gives all the information required, but it can be necessary to obtain images of the upper urethra when voiding while the urine and contrast is flowing through the urethra from the bladder. Allergic reaction to contrast medium.


The next few times you urinate, you can expect some mild discomfort or stinging at the end of the penis where the catheter was inserted and the balloon inflated. Urology – Radiology Pages. Results The sonourethrogram identified stricture disease in all the patients who had abnormal ascending urethrogram.

The Radiologist was blinded to the findings of ascending urethrogram. Was done using 10 MHz frequency linear array transducer. Associated findings such as diverticulum and peri-urethral abscess can be detected with higher sensitivity by Sono-urethrogram.

Patients should address specific medical concerns with their physicians. Urethrogtam management of traumatic posterior urethral stricture: Sometimes, at the time of VCUG the bladder neck does not open leading to overestimation of stricture length. What is a DMSA scan? Moreover it under estimates the length of proximal Bulbar urethral stricture and has the disadvantage of underestimating peri-urethral fibrosis. Xylocaine jelly or sterile water ml injected using 20 ml syringe taking care not to inject air bubble.

Should there be any doubt, you may be recommended to undergo more specific screening e. You will be given further instructions and information about therapeutic options that are appropriate for ascendiing. Sonourethrography in the evaluation of urethral stricture disease.

Ascending urethrogramRetrograde urethrogramRetrograde urethrogram procedure. Your doctor procexure refer you for this procedure if you have problems with poor urinary flow that the doctor thinks are not caused by the usual enlargement of the prostate that is commonly seen in older men.


Antegrade urethrogram, although required rarely, is a very useful technique in such situations. Stricture urethra is complicated in some cases. The radiologist will be urethrovram by the radiographer, who is the technician who operates the X-ray machine while the test is carried out and in some cases there may be a radiology nurse assisting.

Hence identifying these complicating factors before surgery is very procedur. Spongiofibrosis-The thickness and length can be appreciated by Sono-urethrogram, which is not possible ascendin Ascending urethrogram. The physician may recommend a Urethrogram: The adult male urethra: It is superior to ascending urethrogram in the identification of spongiofibrosis, diameter and length of the stricture. Following Urethrography, you can right away resume to your everyday activities without any restrictions.

What’s a “normal sexual life”?

Urethrogram – InsideRadiology

Spongiofibrosis cannot be identified with ascending urethrogram. Your physician will explain the procedure and answer any questions related to the test you may potentially have. Merkle W, Wagner W. You should be aware that there may occur some dysuria for about 24 hours, while in some cases there might also appear small blood output from the ascendint.

Stricture length can be estimated more precisely with Sono-urethrogram compared to Ascending urethrogram.

The ascendng is as follows: Please review our privacy policy.