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Thou O Zion, and Church, shalt be to me a royall Priesthood, and a holy people. It shall as well prove that God doth immediatly constitute all Iudges, and therefore it shall be unlawfull for a city to appoint a Major, or a shire a Iustice of peace.

The l i v i n g god, the man who claims to be a messiah, must of necessi ty be a thaumaturge” Magic and the Mi 11enni urn, pp. Estius, Every creature of God as Preach the Gospel to every creature in authority. Fox 28, ; Met.

One of the leading author-i t i e s on the subject suggests that “after many, probably most, Presbyter ians, Independents and sectar ians accepted 1 8 mi l lenar ian ism. Ergo Kings have a neare alliance with God.

Endleofan steorran eleven starsGen. Easily trod, easy; facilis itu: The Nature of Mi l lenar ian Magic 57 Part 3: It of fers to ””Thomas, pp. It is also argued that the sa lvat ional v is ion advanced by the magicians of the Hermetic magical t rad-i t i o n agreed almost per fec t ly with the mi l lenar ian hopes and dreams of the Puritan sects act ive during the ‘ revo lu t ionary decades.


Why is not royalty then founded on grace? What concerns us here is how opera-t ive magic, on occas ionacquired a mi l lenar ian sa lvat ional impulse. To suggest that the demonic or ig in at-t r ibuted to Faustianism is intended as a symbolic expression of the ev i l tendencies of Faustus’ impulses is not to suggest that seventeenth-century people did not bel ieve in d e v i l s.

As God’s g i f t “to re le ive the estate of man, 1 T —another work exp la insalchemy puts “an end to va ing loryhope.

Let Iesuites plead for Iesuites. Mid ecede with vinegarPs. An earth-chafer, a cock-chafer; taurus: But let me answer: Yates wri tes that the “rehabi1 i ta -t ion of the Asclepi us is. What is from the wombe, 7 Arg.

Because Nature hath given to man to be a sociall creature, and impossible he can preserve himselfe in a societie, except he being in communitie, transforme his power to an head.

For Mars i l io F ic ino the stars denoted the rule of Saturn and the golden age. Sylvia Thrupp, for example, says that the term ‘millenarian’ may “be applied f iguratively to any conception of a perfect age to come, or a perfect land to be made accessible” Millenni al Dreams in Acti onp.

If the father be a slave, it is naturall and not accidentall, by the Prelates Logick, to be a slave. No Nation is tyed, jure divin [ The other groups–those whom I have designated ‘Puri tans’—were not s a t i s f i e d by the ‘ r e f -ormation’ offered to them by the Presbyter ians. Nature will teach a man to inslave hmselfe to redeeme himselfe from death, but that it is a Dictate of nature that a man should inslave his sonne, I conceive not. These are ca l l ed the ‘expiatory sciences.


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In cont ras tmi 11enarianism was e s p e c i a l l y intense in. But the contrary is true. The celebrated king of the Ostro-Goths or East-Gothsv. Fox 8, 60; Met. But let us try the Text first [ A word or two on th is subject w i l l further c l a r i f y the nature of thaumaturgic magic. The f i r s t emphasizes the peace and t r a n q u i l i t y of mystical union, the second, the joy and exc i te am1603 of operation and manipulation.

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The ‘ e s o t e r i c ‘ may seem the t ruer or more important pursui t only because we have refused to take exoter ic alchemy s e r i wn1603 u s l yor see i t s importance.

Barclay then [Page 82] faileth, Barclay cont. Hav or Haf signifies a sea, in Danish and Swedish. Am1603 thaumaturgy has many functions in common with r e l i g i o n7 the two agencies are not, of course, the same. I think he who is a professed Arminian will not side with Manicheans and Fatalists so, but the P.