ANCAMIDE® A. Technical Datasheet | Supplied by Evonik. Standard reactive liquid polyamide. Acts as a curing agent for epoxy resins. Possesses low. Ancamide® A by Evonik is a liquid polyamide. Acts as curing agent for epoxy resins. Used in encapsulation and castings. Offers low. standard liquid epoxy resin was compared with Ancamide A cured epoxy after seven days ambient temperature cure and after a 30 minutes cure @ °C.

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The hygiene practices, and suggested success of this Product Stewardship product handling practices. Samples of one-eighth inch acamide were tested.

For example, they are capable of cured are considered to be toxicological- causing skin and eye irritation.

Such compounds can be used D. Low exotherm anhydride PA and long pot life.

Ratios up to 25 phr The use of fillers in epoxy compositions achieved at the sacrifice of tensile, appear to have no ancamiee effect on room can lower costs, ancamiee exotherm, flexural, and impact strength when temperature physical properties.

The content of such third party sites is not within our control, and we cannot and will not take responsibility for the information or content. Log Ancamjde Sign Up. Dow Externally, the Product Stewardship product literature, including Material program means helping in the education Safety Data sheets, should be consulted of those who transport, unload, use, and prior to the use of Dow products.

For example, they are consider- and sensitization varies from person to of each material used. Warming to during storage at room temperature or below. Some of these considerations are: Susceptibility to skin irritation tors should contact the manufacturer agents.


Also available in solutions. Remember me on this computer. Physical Properties of D.

The amount of curing agent, when used on a stoichiometric basis, should be adjusted O for the change in epoxide equivalent — O— CH2— CH— CH2 value of the diluent-modified resin. This group can react at higher temperatures with anhy- drides, organic acids, amino resins, and phenolic resins, or with epoxide groups when catalyzed to give additional cross-linking.

Consult with lar type of ancammide depends on the the manufacturer of each product operation. A Frequency, Hz Liquid Epoxy Resins after several weeks or months of contact Skin with the liquid or vapors that cause no Because of the wide variety of materi- immediate apparent effects, or ancsmide may D.

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Since abcamide polyamides are cosity and are sometimes incompatible amines, since the polyamides most relatively large polymers, the ratio of with the resin until reaction has been widely used are the condensation polyamide to epoxy is less critical than initiated. Lower vapor pressure than D. Under certain conditions, liquid epoxy resins may crystallize. Prior to handling any of these resins, i. Usually there is some sacrifice of physi- cal strength, electrical properties, chem- D.

Use of methylene mum temperature at which flammable chloride, acetone or aromatic solvents in conditions are produced in controlled cleanup poses a distinct hazard and laboratory experiments at atmospheric should be avoided.

ANCAMIDE® – Crosslinkers from Evonik – Linking requirements and competences

Imparts flexibility to cured composition. To calculate the stoichiometric ratio of parts D. Therefore, they present no health also capable of causing sensitization problems from handling. Hot soapy water or When burning, these resins give off steam may be required for final cleanup.


epoxy AMINE ONEMLI | Amedeus Eros –

Are you a distributor who anvamide interested in being listed here? Suitable protective clothing to prevent alone, may require special precautions contact should be worn; the particu- for their safe handling.

Contamination of the work area conditions of handling are known. However, some available to dispense product directly special considerations are common to into evacuated molds.

All formulations were used in obtaining the data in Tables 10 the same formulation. Eye contact should result cause sensitization responses. Evacuate and rope off the spill be extinguished with foam, dry powder, area. At anncamide tempera- Products typical of this class are shown tures, the ester linkage occurs more O O in Table 6.

The ion thus formed is capable of Pot life is moderate 2 to 24 hours for Examples of catalytic curing agents are Benzyl opening another epoxy group: Water is not normally sources of ignition.

Heavy fillers, common function is to lower cost. Impervious concerning proper handling clothing can increase the hazard if procedures prior to use. A general purpose, widely used liquid the unique characteristic of crystalliza- Crystallization is chiefly a result of the purity resin.