html text version of the Ananga Ranga – Chapter 3. (Stage of Love). Ancient Hindu couple performing a sex position from the Ananga Ranga, paint on paper. Ananga-Ranga might mean husband and wife. Here are the Ananga Ranga positions. We hope that you find this assortment of sexual positions useful and. Kamasutra Articles:: Ananga Ranga Positions:: ( Reads) The Winged Eros – This sex position leaves the man dominating his partner.

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Do not talk about your submission to others If you have any issues talk to WikiLeaks. If disposed over the body like the Mandalaka, or Dashanagramandal, the mouth-shaped oblong traced above, it will greatly add to her beauty. And now must be described the various ways of Nakhadana, that is, of titillating and scratching with ganga nails.

Positinos is that which occupies a great length of time. Many times we see the Ananga Ranga being referred as a part of the original Kama Sutraor being treated as a part of the book, although it was written thousands of years later than its famous relative.

If you face legal action If a legal action is brought against you as a result of your submission, there are organisations that may help you. In this embrace both stand up, passing their arms round each other, and the husband places his wife’s legs between his own so that the inside of his thighs may come in contact with the outside of hers.

Stanita is the low rumbling, like distant thunder, expressed by “Ha! Her hands and feet are red like flowers, and well-proportioned. The woman who possesses Chanda-vega, may be known by her ever seeking carnal enjoyment; she must enjoy it frequently and she will not be satisfied with a single orgasm.

Bindu-dashana “dot” or “drop-biting” is the mark left by the husband’s two front teeth upon the woman’s lower lip, or upon the place where the Tilla or brow-mark is worn.


Tips for Sources After Submitting.

His knees are somewhat crooked, and this distortion may also be observed in the nails of his rang. When the husband stands up the wife should place one foot upon his foot, 3 and raise the other leg to the height of his thigh, against which she presses it.

After his disappearance, she will look at them, and will frequently remember him with yearning heart. Uttaroshtha, or “upper-lip kissing”. The Ananga Ranga Stage of Love. This is done in a standing position, and the legs should be crossed with one another. Anti-uchha is an exaggeration of Uchha; and 5. This idea can hardly exist amongst a people who sensibly burn their dead in fixed places, far removed from the haunts of the living; raanga amongst Muslims, as well as Hindus, the “goose flesh,” as we call it in our homely way, is a sign of all the passions.

Bindumala is the name given only by men when the wife, at the time of coition, fillips her husband’s body with the thumbs only. Retrieved from ” https: Second, both the eyes. In returning her fondling, her Lungaden, or petticoats, are raised, so that her Lungi, or under-garments, may come in contact with his clothes, and her hair is thrown into the dishevelled state, symbolizing passion; or the husband, for variety’s sake, may sit upon the wife’s lap.

Vrikshadhirudha is the embrace which simulates the climbing of a tree, 2 and it is done as follows: Webarchive template wayback links.

The Syria Files – eSx Positions – Ananga Ranga Positions for Great Orgasms

We also advise you to read our tips for sources before submitting. Such is the name given to her by the great posihions of the olden time. Many of the sex positions described in the Ananga Ranga are also present in the Kama Sutrasome with different names.


Uchun-dashana, the wise tell us, is the word applied to biting any part of a woman’s lips or cheeks. The treatment is purely conventional, and the faces, as well as the dresses, probably date from several centuries ago.

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Ananga-Ranga might mean husband and wife

The Ananga Ranga Stage of Love. Here end the embracements; they should be closely studied, followed up by proper intelligence annanga the various modes of kisses, which must accompany and conclude the Alinganas. The Ashwa is known by a Linga of twelve fingers, or about six inches long.

His features are pozitions and well proportioned; his face is round, his teeth are short and fine, his hair is silky, and his eyes are large and well-opened. The wise have said that before congress, we must develop the desire of the weaker sex through certain preliminaries, which are many and various; such as the various embraces and kisses; the Nakhadana, or unguiculations; the Dashanas, or morsications; the Keshagrahanas, or manipulating the hair, abanga other amorous blandishments.

When the wife is full of desire, rangq should take her husband’s lower lip between her teeth, chewing and biting it gently; whilst he does the same to her upper lip. Then encircling his waist with her arms, even as a man prepares to swarm up a palm-trunks, she holds and presses him forcibly, bends her body over his, and kisses him as if sucking the water of life. The following table divides the congress of the several dimensions into three categories; which are respectively entitled Uttama, the best; Madhyama, the middling; and Kanishtha, the worst.