Toward a Commonsense Answer to the Special Composition Carmichael – – Australasian Journal of Philosophy 93 (3) Alvin Plantinga: John A. O’Brien Professor of Philosophy Emeritus at Notre Dame University I give two arguments against materialism. A NEW ARGUMENT AGAINST MATERIALISM. ALVIN PLANTINGA. PLENARY ADDRESS FOR THE EVANGELICAL PHILOSOPHICAL.

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That’s a more complex state space that can’t be mapped to any one of them. Some philosophers think that human beings are composites and not necessarily two substances. Isn’t this just what a Lewisian counterpart theory amounts to?

Alvin Plantinga, A New Argument Against Materialism – PhilPapers

It is something we are immediately aware of, yet at the same time it is equally mysterious. See here for an example of a suitable abstract.

The problem for materialism, and the main point of this argument, is consciousness itself. Regardless of whether you think the individual theories succeed, it’s clearly conceivable that content could be naturalized.

Alvin Plantinga – Against Materialism

I think we can make this clearer by considering the following thought experiment. Not only do we ordinarily think these things; they are no more than the sober truth.

What we are concerned with here is original or primary content. We input the proposition into the computer; the computer does alvn think up the proposition on its own.


Alvin Plantinga, Against materialism – PhilPapers

Accurate models make good predictions efficiently. Arguments from Disembodiment in Philosophy of Mind. The chair’s pattern is composed of other subordinate patterns of matter and space, which are interchangeable relative to the chair’s larger pattern. The idea isn’t that there is not matter present, but that there is no ‘assimilated’ material which can be properly identified as ‘B’s body. Intuition ,aterialism the rescue again? I’m going to have to put myself in the camp of people who don’t share the modal intuition Plantiga invokes in the impossibility argument.

Not necessarily; belief in the existence of a soul might be, like perhaps belief in God or belief in other minds, a properly basic belief. If dualism is true then human beings are two substances — againts immaterial substance and a material one. Subscribe via RSS Feed.


Computers are material objects that have wires, mother boards, and hard drives. Christian Materialism in a Scientific Age. Plantinga imagines a situation where modern science has advanced so well that it can replace body parts extremely quickly. If you have unrelated thoughts or don’t wish to read the content, please post your own thread or simply refrain from commenting. Alvin Plantinga has a new, aptly titled essay in Faith and Philosophy He does not argue that we can exist disembodied but rather he does argue that we could exist in a different body.

Someone a hundred years in the future reads the book, and duplicates the process programmed qgainst the recipe.

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Science Logic and Mathematics. How can a set of neurons be related to a proposition? As long as this is logically possible then materialism cannot be true since we are not necessarily identical to our body. Still it is dificulty understand the whole argument for thouse who doesn’t have a extensive knowledge on epistemology like me Questions of ontology effect how we think in all other branches of philosophy and life. My brain, unlike a HDD, has thoughts and can have objects of consciousness.

Brain damage, for example, may change my personality, actions, or beliefs to such an extent that, while my physical self is all contained in my body, my soul has either been fundamentally changed, or my body is being inhabited by a soul that is not mine.

It has at most derived or secondary content. But it is impossible that a material process or event be about something; no such process could be about the British or anything else.

It is true that I am the same as my life — an event— in the actual world, but my life could have been different.

Take particles and classical waves for example.