This chapter is based on Acts “Sent forth by the Holy Ghost,” Paul and Barnabas, after their ordination by the brethren in Antioch, “departed unto. The fifth book of the New Testament has been known from ancient times as The Acts of the Apostles; but this title cannot be found in the book itself. One of the. Acts of the Apostles. Audiobook Cover . | Your FREE Source of Ellen White Audiobooks. Sign-up now for our Newsletter! △.

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The Acts of the Apostles, by Ellen G. White. Table of Contents

In The Acts of the Apostles and the biblical book of Acts, the remnant people of God find their spiritual roots. There they were always sure of a welcome and a season of rest.

Who were the first to whom Paul presented Christ upon arriving in Rome Give a description of the apostles before Pentecost, and then following Pentecost Completing these sentences should not be considered busywork; the sentences were designed to help fix important truths in the mind.

For what are some Christians waiting, and why is it dangerous to wait Update Required To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin.

The Acts of the Apostles

What led Mark to desert Paul and Barnabas Of the five volumes in the Conflict of the Ages set of books written by Ellen G. The deputy, convinced of the truth of the doctrine taught by the apostles, accepted the gospel. Describe the men who were misleading the Galatian Christians What has the nation of Israel still failed to achieve What does God expect of His people today What is hindering the church today from seeing accomplishments similar to those achieved by the apostles?


How are God’s people made complete The Gift of the Spirit.

What was the underlying cause behind the opposition that Paul met in Jerusalem Centuries before, the pen of inspiration had traced this ingathering of the Gentiles; but those prophetic utterances had been but dimly understood.

What convincing evidence of the certainty of our hope do we possess How can Christians today prevent a repetition of Paul’s experience with those who opposed him in Jerusalem? A Warning Against Hypocrisy.

What group of churches were especially generous, and was the church at Corinth included among them Their hearts were filled with fervent love for perishing souls. As faithful shepherds in search of the lost sheep, they gave no thought to their own ease and convenience.

Can you think of a modern-day parallel to the Jews’ attitude toward the preaching of Paul and Barnabas?

Give Paul’s credentials as an inspired writer The deputy had sent for the apostles, that he might be instructed in the message they had come to bear, and now the forces of evil, working through the sorcerer Elymas, sought appstles their baleful suggestions to turn him from the faith and so thwart the purpose of God. What do you see as the primary experience of the church at Ephesus while they were still in their “first apostled Point out the differences in Paul’s approach to the people in Athens and in Corinth In the wild excitement that followed, what charges were hurled against him Close Read this book.


What is the fruit of spiritualism What course did the religious leaders decide to follow in dealing with Peter and John List seven steps the apostles kf in preparation for the Day of Pentecost.

The Acts of the Apostles — Ellen G. White Writings

What turn of events did Paul witness for the first time in Corinth How can this principle be applied by a minister to his local congregation? After the decisions of the Jerusalem Council were announced in Antioch, what effects were seen in that church Thus he may put to confusion the hosts of Satan and may triumph in the name of the Kf.

What finally happened to Felix In the time of the end, what will accompany the earnest efforts of God’s people while doing His work Why did Paul agree to the compromise, and what was the result