Adam Gidwitz, Dutton, $ (p) ISBN Fracturing the folk tales of the Brothers Grimm, Gidwitz brings together old. Parents need to know that when author/narrator Adam Gidwitz warns readers that Grimm’s stories are violent and bloody, and that “if such things bother you, we. From the Newbery Honor-winning, New York Times bestselling author—with cover and interior illustrations by Dan Santat! Hansel and Gretel.

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As a experienced reader and writer i give this book the maximum of 5 stars!!! Gdwitz, A Tale Dark and Grimm runs the gamut of classic fairy tale violence, starting with Hansel and Gretel’s parents cutting their heads off.

Review of the Day: A Tale Dark and Grimm by Adam Gidwitz

Despite the fantastical elements of Hansel and Gretel’s tale, readers will come to understand that forgiveness, trust, and love are ultimately worth the hard work they require. I’ve started reading some spooky books like “The Cavandish home for Boys and Girls” and “The books of Elsewhere” and I’d like to try this one. October 28, Publisher’s recommended age s: For that reason, I disagree with the 9 and older rating. Wrapped in a fairy tale adventure, A Tale Dark and Grimm includes serious themes of forgiveness and trust, specifically on the part of Hansel and Gretel, who have been betrayed and deeply hurt including having their heads cut off by their parents.

And what you’re going to hear now, the one true tale in The Tales of Grimm, is as violent and bloody as you can imagine. Overall, it was a terrific book and we really enjoyed reading the stories together.


He would warn the reader that some very bloody parts were coming, and good thing grmm did. Because even if the baker idea was his own, it feels incredibly authentic. Then he inserts himself–the narrator–into the story from time to time with wonderful humor. I loved, loved, loved this book! That Gidwitz attempted it in the first place is bizarre.

Hansel and Gretel go through plenty of hard times, but, except for one incident when Hansel’s spirit is overcome by the spirit of a magical forest and he turns beastly, they have their priorities straight: Open Preview See a Problem? How horrible did you think the things that gdiwitz to Hansel and Gretel were compared with some of the movies you’ve seen? I needed to read this book. It made me feel like the hero in my own dsrk again.

I was most intrigued when Gidwitz was at his most original. Our youngest got a bit alarmed in some parts, but mainly I think she got bored by the sheer length of the book. October 23, at Your purchase helps us remain independent and ad-free.

Gidwitz’s own asides add humor and help make the book an excellent family read-aloud. View all 8 comments. Dutton Children’s Books Publication date: There are some very violent, disturbing aspects in this story. This is a book for kids, after all.

A Tale Dark & Grimm

Now, he gidditz full-time—which means he writes a couple of hours a day, and lies on the couch staring at the ceiling the rest of the time.

Had this gem in my school library. This is NOT for children younger than 8th grade. This was a fun, worthwhile read in the end, just not quite in the way I expected after reading just the introduction.


A Tale Dark & Grimm by Adam Gidwitz | Scholastic

It just seemed to me to be yet another silhouette jacket, take not even as complex and interesting as those by David Frankland. Having seen the effects zdam the book on kids in the 5th and 6th grade I respectfully disagree. Is it OK for kids to read books outside their reading levels?

My sister told me I was silly when I laughed at some parts yesterday. Imagine if all those children in Grimm stories, the ones who pop up when a poor couple bemoans that they have no children, or who get entrapped by a creepy devil man, or who get killed by their parents, are actually the same two children.

Such books are rarities. On shelves November 11th. Dead on, including the whole kidnapping the mom bit.

What truly turned me off to this book was the thinness of the plot and the intrusiveness of the narrator. Gretel later cuts gidsitz her own finger and meets a man who steals the souls of young girls and turns their bodies into doves. Gidwitz, I should note, may seem to be adapting the Grimm tales in all their full gore, but qnd does make a couple alterations here and there.

The detail about killing warlocks by boiling them in oil with poisonous snakes felt a little too authentic.

Their growth and changes are so subtle that I barely noticed it was happening.