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van der Ley & Poolman (). B. Australia consistent with presence of synE (NMC_). However, the .. NMC_ Hypothetical protein. Slapton Ley Nature Reserve (SX) mixed vegetation by coastal lake. Spreacombe Logie [Morayshire] (NJ) , Verrall leg. EDRS Price MF-$ HC-$ Audiovisual Aids In , the second governor of Alaska, Pafred P. Swineford, suggested a motive. He .. Hul ley, Clarence C., Alaska Past and Present, Portland: Binford and Mort, U.S. Army Corps.

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Farley Down, Hampshire, 3 males, One of the church’s that Michael Urban worked on.

Presidente Santos sancionó la ley de que modifica el Estatuto de Ciudadanía Juvenil

Cadair Idris, Gwynedd, 1 male, Cairngorm, Highland Region, 1 female, 5. Lopham Fen, Norfolk, 1 male, Coed Tycanol, Pembrokeshire, 2 males, The Loke, Norwich, Norfolk, 1 male, I. Llyn Creiniog, Denbighshire, 1 male, 6. Chippenham Fen, Cambridgeshire, 1 male, 2. Antennal flagellomeres distinctly shorter; 4th flagellomere 2.

Temple, Berkshire, 6 males, Aedeagus short with wide, semicircular, weakly sclerotized base.

Urban – Public Member Photos & Scanned Documents –

Stoborough Heath, Dorset, 1 male, 1. Much work on sorting material to species was evidently done by Edwards and there are many specimens in the BMNH collection with genitalia preparations made by Edwards.


Beinn Eighe, Highland Region, 1 male, Newer material came from farms and nurseries throughout the UK. Llangammarch Wells, Powys, 1 male, Coventry, Bubbenhall, Ryton Wood SP ancient woodland with pedunculate oak, lime, hazel and birch.

Lancaut Nature Reserve, Gloucestershire, 1 female, 5. Trawsfynydd, Gwynedd, 1 male, 5.

Katepisternum triangular, deeper than wide, not elongated. The substantial increase in number of species over the Handbook and the checklist and the fact that so many of these are still known from relatively few records individuals or localities suggests that the actual number of species resident in the British Isles cannot yet be accurately assessed.

While the spines on the gonostyles of Bradysia hortensis are arranged in a circle and on a relatively broadly demarcated and well-marked elevation, 00500 of Bradysia ismayi are in 2 narrow groups one over the other.

Glen Lui, Aberdeenshire, 1 female, Leamington Spa, Whitnash brook, Sydenham SP stream-side with alder, willow, blackthorn, elder and hawthorn. Urban- 1 of 2 Other Date: This is perhaps surprising given that the family includes a number of agricultural and horticultural pests.

Virginia Water, Surrey, 1 male, 6. In the British checklist, Menzel listed several species that were taken from unchecked literature or were incorrect due to wrong interpretation of the literature.


Lea Valley, Hertfordshire, 1 male, 1 female, Freeman b used the checklist as a basis for the species included and also followed the generic classification proposed by Tuomikoski Oakshott, Hampshire, 1 male, The Loke, Norwich, Norfolk, 1 male, 2.

The new species definitely belongs to the Corynoptera membranigera -group falling between Corynoptera membranigera Kieffer, and Corynoptera saccata Tuomikoski, Reared from rotten wood, dung, mushroom farm and laboratory cultures.

Presidente Santos sancionó la ley 1885 de 2018 que modifica el Estatuto de Ciudadanía Juvenil

Scadbury Park, Greater London, 1 male, Stoke Wood, Herefordshire, 1 female, lley Mahon Falls, Waterford, 1 male, 3. Ditchley, Oxfordshire, 2 males, v. Scadbury Park, Greater London, 3 males, The appearance of Freeman’s Handbook did, nevertheless, lead to an increase in interest in the family among British dipterists and further species rapidly came to notice in freshly collected material.

Loch Morlich, Highland Region, 1 male,